Anime fans love characters that fall into the “bad boy” or “tsundere” category. These characters often act as foils to the louder, more obnoxious leads, especially when the lead is the overly nice type. While they often like to mock and put down those around them, their actions often say something very different.

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The characters who act in the meanest ways are usually the most loyal and are usually the go-to person for the protagonist when they need to hear some hard truths. Outsiders might see the actions of a bad boy or a tsundere as cruel and cruel, but to those close to them, it’s obvious that they care despite what they actually say.

10/10 Hiei is a reliable jerk

Yuyu Hakusho

Hiei is a murderous demon who has no love for anyone, or so he likes people to believe. When he first joins Yusuke in Yuyu Hakushoit’s very clear that he doesn’t care about his fellow humans.

However, even early in their friendship, he is willing to risk his life for his teammates. During his first mission at Maze Castle, Hiei risks being crushed by a giant rock to save the others. Hiei may have an image of himself that he wants to portray, but Yusuke knows that Hiei doesn’t mean half the rude things that he says.

9/10 Bakugo is more than a bully

my hero academia

Bakugo looking over his shoulder in My Hero Academia.

When anime fans think of the “bad boy” type, Bakugo from my hero academia is usually the character that comes to mind. He is rude and aggressive towards everyone, especially his childhood friend Midoriya. Bakugo even refers to the rest of his classmates as “extras”.

Bakugo may have a bad attitude, but it’s obvious that he recognizes how strong his classmates are. During USJ’s attack, Bakugo dismisses Kirishma’s concern for his classmates as he is sure they can handle themselves. He also respects Uraraka’s abilities enough to go all out during his match at the sports festival. Bakugo can be loud and aggressive, but he respects the people around him in his own way.

8/10 Uryu’s actions don’t match his words.


Uryu with red ribbon

Uryu’s Bleach he’s the type to do someone a favor and then act like he only did it because everyone but him is too incompetent. His hatred for Soul Reapers usually leads him to act incredibly cold towards Ichigo and the Soul Reapers associated with him, but that doesn’t stop Uryu from lending a hand when they need it.

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When Ichigo needs help saving Rukia during the Soul Society arc, Uyru is ready and willing to help. However, he still makes sure Ichigo knows that he doesn’t do it to be a good friend, but because he wants to make the Soul Reapers look bad. Considering that Uyru almost gave up his Quincy powers to help save Rukia, it’s pretty obvious that he really cares about protecting his friends.

7/10 Loid may worry about his family more than the mission

Spy X Family

Anya and Loid hugging in episode 1

loid’s Spy X Family he can claim that he is acting solely for the good of the mission, but it is quite obvious that he cares about his fake family. Loid could easily act cold towards Anya and Yor when no one is around to see them, but when they’re home alone, Loid makes the perfect father and husband.

He even sets up a spy adventure using WISE’s resources just to make Anya happy. Loid may not want to admit it to himself, but it’s very obvious to all who look at him that he has become content with the domestic lifestyle.

6/10 Sasuke is always thinking about Naruto


Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.

The only things important to Sasuke from naruto they are taking revenge and restoring their clan. When he first joins Team 7 with Kakashi, Sasuke dismisses teamwork and thinks that Sakura and Naruto are useless.

However, as Team 7 grows, it’s obvious that Sasuke grows fond of his teammates, though he doesn’t like to admit it. During Shippuden, when Sasuke has already left the village, he still shows interest in the well-being of his former teammate. Not to mention, his attempts to kill them are half-hearted at best. Sasuke struggles with loyalty, but even he can’t escape a friendship with Naruto.

5/10 Queen Hilling loves Bojji in her own way

ranking of kings

Queen Hilling looking upset

Queen Hilling looks like an evil stepmother when she first introduces herself in Ranking of Kings. She believes that her son, Daida, is more qualified to be king than Bojji, and even acts dismissive towards Bojji’s feelings. However, with the future of the Kingdom on her shoulders after King Bosse’s death, she might have prioritized what is best for the Kingdom.

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Queen Hilling may not act like it, but she makes it clear that she genuinely cares about her physical well-being. She jumps out of a window to save Bojji from falling to his death and heals his wounds with magic. Such acts shock fans, who expected her to be insensitive towards her stepson.

4/10 Mustang is not the man people think he is

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

mustang’s Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood he is not a nice person, and he is fully aware of it. As an alchemist, he participates in the war with Ishval, which kills hundreds of innocent people. He seems to be the type to show little mercy for his enemies and little care for his comrades, but the way he presents himself couldn’t be further from the truth.

Mustang leads everyone to believe that he burned Maria Ross alive to avenge the death of General Hughes, but he actually fakes her death to protect her from being falsely accused. He may have done some terrible things, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s a heartless monster.

3/10 Tsukishima is much more competitive than people think


Haikyuu's Kei Tsukishima!

Tsukishima’s Haikyuu! He’s the kind of person that’s hard to be friends with. He loves to point out people’s mistakes, especially Hinata and Kageyama’s. Of all the members of the Karasuno team, Tsukishima cares the least about volleyball.

Coach Ukai even comments that his heart just isn’t in it, which affects his growth in the sport. However, Tsukishima is not as indifferent to volleyball as his teammates seem to think. Tsukishima’s competitiveness arises when Karasuno competes against Shiratorizawa. Tsukishima gets so excited during the match that he screams when he manages to block Ushijima. Considering how hard he works, it’s pretty obvious that he cares about volleyball.

2/10 Sesshomaru doesn’t like to express himself.


Deadpan Sesshoumaru In Inuyasha

Sesshoumaru From inuyasha he is the type of demon that detests humans. As a pure demon, he views half-demons and humans as weak and inferior life forms unworthy of sympathy. However, not only humans receive mistreatment from him.

His loyal companion, Jaken, often takes orders and is abandoned by Sesshomaru. Considering Sesshoumaru’s treatment of humans, he is surprising when he saves Rin from the brink of death. He even begins to care for her even though he will never admit it. Sesshomaru and Rin eventually have children, which makes it pretty obvious that he really cares.

1/10 Aizawa is a surprisingly good teacher.

my hero academia

Aizawa surrounded by his scarf in My Hero Academia.

Aizawa of my hero academia he initially presents himself as the teacher no child would want. He threatens Class 1-A with expulsion on the first day and even tells Midoriya that he wouldn’t be a hero. However, despite his toughness, it becomes obvious that he is actually pushing his students to be better heroes.

Aizawa has a tendency to expel students, but what people don’t know is that he immediately re-enrolls them. Aizawa is actually the best teacher Class 1-A could have because he is not only preparing them for the real world, but also providing support when they need it.

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