At first glance, the world of anime and Disney animated movies seem like different ballparks. However, the two have more in common than people realize. After all, the Disney movies were a huge early influence on anime. Osamu Tezuka, the great godfather of anime, was known for taking a lot of inspiration from Disney. Naturally, there are some anime movies that are reminiscent of classic Disney movies.

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There are quite a few anime movies based on classic fairy tales and myths, just like the famous Disney movies. In fact, there are some stories that got the anime treatment before Disney adapted them. Anime doesn’t always play on classic fairy tales, sometimes it adds a dark twist to a story. However, Disney is also not above doing the same.

10/10 Toei has its own Mickey Mouse in Pero

The wonderful world of puss in boots

In 1969, Toei released an animated film based on Charles Perrault’s fairy tale, The wonderful world of puss in boots. The Master Cat in this version is called Pero in honor of Perrault himself and dresses as a musketeer. But he plans to help a boy named Pierre woo a princess and defeat an evil ogre. Meanwhile, Pero is an outcast among other cats for making friends with mice.

Like Disney’s best, the movie had derivative material. Hayao Miyazaki, a key animator on the film, adapted the film into a tie-in manga. The film also had two sequels: The three musketeers in boots Y Puss in boots travels the world. Over the years, Pero also became the mascot of Toei Animation.

9/10 This Movie Even Adds Cartoon Mice To The Story

Jack and the magic beans

The Singing Harp in Jack and the Beanstalk Anime

Jack and the magic beans is an anime film based on the classic story of the same name. The story starts true to the original story at the beginning. A poor boy named Jack sells the family cow in exchange for magic beans that grow into a giant bean stalk, giving Jack access to castles in the sky.

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As the film progresses, the film adds Disney-esque elements: a beautiful princess, a wicked witch, and even an army of cartoon mice. The film is also known for its surreal animation and bittersweet lore. For what it’s worth, Disney has also shown interest in the Jack and the magic beans history. It was the basis for “Mickey and the Beanstalk” in Free fun and fantasy.

8/10 Topcraft took viewers into the original story of Isekai

The Wizard of Oz

Anime Wizard of Oz by Topcraft

Disney is not too associated with The Wonderful Wizard of Ozbut with projects like return to oz Y oz the great and mightyIt’s not for lack of trying. Supposedly, at one point, Disney was even going to animate scenes for the MGM movie. by L. Frank Baum The Wonderful Wizard of Oz It has also inspired some anime adaptations, such as Topcraft’s 1982 feature film.

As in the book, a young woman named Dorothy finds herself in a fantasy world and must venture to see the wizard of the title in order to return home. The artwork sometimes borrows directly from John R. Neill’s original illustrations for the story of Oz. The anime film is also influenced by the MGM film, with Dorothy’s slippers being red instead of silver.

7/10 History sets the stage for Tchaikovsky’s music

swan lake

Odette and Siegfried in the Toei anime of Swan Lake

Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet swan lakeIt has had a few adaptations over the years, such as the 1994 film, the swan princess. Before that, Toei Animation released an animated version of the story, swan lakein 1981. The film makes good use of Tchaikovsky’s music, just as Disney did for Sleeping Beauty.

Prince Siegfried falls in love with Princess Odette, who is cursed by the evil wizard Rothbart to become a swan by day. Unfortunately, Rothbart and his sorceress daughter, Odile, plan to keep the couple apart. In true Disney Princess fashion, Odette even gets two little squirrels, Hans and Daisy.

6/10 Sanrio adapted the ballet to stop-motion

Nutcracker Fantasy

Clara and Franz in Nutcracker Fantasy

With Nutcracker Fantasy, Sanrio adapted the famous Nutcracker ballet, based on “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”, into a stop-motion film. The heroine, Clara, finds herself in a dream world where her beloved toy nutcracker must face off against an evil rat king and her mother. Along the way, Clara is also tasked with saving her doppelgänger: a princess under the Rat Queen’s spell.

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In a subversion of Disney tropes, the princess turns out to be a shrew who rejects the poor nutcracker prince. Of course, Clara is the true heroine of the story and she is the one who really loves the nutcracker. In the end, Clara wakes up from the dream world, but with her prince by her side.

5/10 Greek myths are retold in a fantasy-style sequence

Winds of change

Son of Helios in Winds of Change Anime

With the launch of Disney Hercules, Disney fans had a foray into the world of Greco-Roman mythology. sanrio movie, Winds of changealso know as Metamorphosis Y Orpheus of the starshe had previously adapted Greek myths into animated form.

A boy and a girl act out these stories. Viewers see Actaeon transformed into a stag, Orpheus braving the underworld to rescue Eurydice, and Perseus killing Medusa, freeing Pegasus. Interestingly, the format of the film, a sequence of different stories set to music, was also inspired by Disney’s previous one. Fancy.

4/10 Before there was Ariel, there was Marina

The little Mermaid

Marina and her prince in Toei's Little Mermaid Anime

Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story of a mermaid dreaming of the world above was given the animation treatment long before the Disney movie. In The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersenthe siren is a blonde named Marina who sings the haunting “The One I’ve Waited For”.

The movie has a few Disney touches, from giving Marina a cute dolphin companion to even adding an evil cat to the story. Unlike Disney, however, the film doesn’t shy away from Andersen’s tragic ending. Marina loses her life after her prince marries another girl.

3/10 This fairy tale takes place in a winter wonderland (when it’s not magically spring)

Twelve months

anja in twelve months animated

by toei Twelve months, made in co-production with Soyuzmultfilm, is based on a Russian fairy tale of the same name. In the dead of winter, a girl, Anja, is sent into the snow by her evil stepmother to look for snowdrops. Fortunately, Anja befriends the impersonations of the twelve months, who help the girl to accomplish her impossible task.

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The story has many elements associated with Disney movies, from the tricked-out orphaned heroine to the helpful woodland creatures. In fact, at one point, Disney’s canceled animated film Penelope and the twelve months it was to be an adaptation of the same Russian fairy tale.

2/10 This movie even aired on Disney Channel


Aladdin and Princess Badral in Toei Anime

Before Disney released their version of AladdinToei released Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp in 1982. Aladdin is a poor boy who, with the help of a magic lamp, outwits evil wizards and wins the heart of Princess Badral.

Relatively faithful to the original story, the film includes characters cut from the Disney version of the story, such as Aladdin’s mother and the Genie from the Ring. A new character added to the story is Aladdin’s jerboa companion. Disney fans may be aware of the movie as it actually aired on the Disney Channel in 1984.

1/10 The movie is inspired by Beauty and the Beast.


An image of Belle.

Bellealso know as The Dragon and the Freckled Princessis inspired by the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale as well as its Disney incarnation. Suzu Naito is a girl who struggles with her love for her singing after her mother’s death.

However, Suzu becomes a singer with the help of an avatar alter ego, nicknamed “Bell”, who soon becomes “Belle”. Like Bella, Suzu learns of an unbeatable user known as the Dragon, who is being targeted by a group of vigilantes. Soon, Suzu is forced to protect her new friends online from real-life threats.

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