Yae Miko used to be one of genshin impact most anticipated characters before its official launch in February. As the Guuji of the Narukami Grand Shrine in Inazuma, Yae Miko played an important role during the nation’s search for the archon. Some fans even felt that she was more interesting than Inazuma’s archon, Raiden Shogun.

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Despite the fact that the release of Yae Mikos did not meet the expectations of the fans, Yae Miko is still one of the genshin impact most beloved characters. With an electrifyingly cool pastel pink aesthetic and one of the most unique playstyles in the game, it’s clear why Yae Miko remains a fan-favorite character.

10/10 Yae Miko enjoys teasing her friends

Kitsune are known for having mischievous personalities and Yae Miko is certainly no exception. Yae Miko always enjoys teasing her friends and even said that making people squirm is one of her favorite pastimes. She is so good at messing with people’s heads that some are even afraid of her, like Gorou and Thoma.

However, Yae Miko does not have any malicious intent. Yae Miko’s cheerful personality and her ability to make fun of others are actually quite endearing. Although she annoys some people, Yae Miko is undeniably charming and it’s hard not to like her.

9/10 Yae Miko loves Kitsune Udon

Yae Miko from Genshin Impact.

Some of Yae Miko’s voice lines describe fried tofu in great detail. Her favorite food, Kitsune Udon, is literally fried tofu over udon noodles. Kitsune Udon is actually Yae Miko’s special dish, and players can make it in-game if they take her out of the game’s gacha system.

Kitsune Udon takes ordinary udon noodles and garnishes the plate with a pink bowl, sakura blossoms, and a kitsune drawn on the tofu. Food revives a downed character, restoring 15% of their HP with an additional 550 HP.

8/10 Yae Miko thinks that humans are fascinating

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact.

In one of Yae Miko’s voice lines, she says that humans are fascinating and that she is very fond of them. She admires her perpetual optimism despite her short life. Yae Miko says that the average human life would be a real turning of the page, alluding to her love of light novels.

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Yae Miko often ponders the meaning of eternity and an unchanging world, pointing out the pros and cons. Yae Miko seems to understand that while eternity would be nice, she would grow old after a while, and she appreciates that humans never take anything for granted during their brief time in the world.

7/10 Yae Miko is the Guuji of Narukami Grand Shrine.

Yae Miko from Genshin Impact looking over her shoulder.

Yae Miko actually works two jobs at genshin impact, but his main profession is working as the Guuji of the Narukami Grand Shrine. As Guuji, Yae Miko serves as the main shrine maiden and essentially maintains the shrine, keeping it clean and ensuring the sacredness of it.

In one of Yae Miko’s ascension voice lines, she says that the title “Chokkai” is bestowed on shrine maidens-in-training when they complete their studies and are able to perform chants for ceremonies. She added that it’s easy enough for humans, but it’s no walk in the park for kitsune.

6/10 Yae Miko is the editor-in-chief of Yae Publishing House.

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact.

Yae Miko is the owner and editor-in-chief of Yae Publishing House. Located in Inazuma City, Yae Publishing House works with authors throughout Teyvat. Publishing Yae even approached Albedo to hire him to write some novels for the company after reading his collaborative work, “The Legend of the Sword”, which he wrote together with Xingqiu.

Yae Publishing has been in existence for 500 years and has published some of Teyvat’s most legendary literary works, including Teyvat’s Art of War, the good thing to beReincarnated as a Hilichurl is that I only need to eat Sunsettias to become strongerY The Honest Cat’s Little Lie.

5/10 Yae Miko has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Yae Miko waving in Genshin Impact.

As a kitsune, Yae Miko definitely has a cunning and mischievous personality. She loves to tease people and play harmless pranks on her friends. Yae’s sarcastic humor is some of the best one-liners in the game. Often bragging about her reputation and playing harmless pranks on someone else, the quest for Inazuman’s archon wouldn’t have been the same if Yae Miko wasn’t a part of it.

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Other characters speak of Yae Miko with anything from genuine admiration to subtle indifference and even fear, in Gorou’s case. Itto says that she won her in a Kitsune Ramen eating contest and made her pay the bill for 32 bowls, while Kujou Sara says that she respects her, but she doesn’t understand her personality at all.

4/10 Yae Miko enjoys reading light novels

Yae Miko smiling in Genshin Impact.

As the owner of a renowned publishing house, it’s no surprise that Yae Miko is a fan of literature. In one of her voice lines, she criticizes the recent trend for authors to write stories about traveling to other worlds. Even in genshin impactisekai light novels are very popular.

Yae Miko said that she created Yae Publishing House because she was bored with the current light novel market. However, she also said that the real fun begins when authors are desperate to meet deadlines and desperately struggle to tie up all the loose ends. She even said that authors are more creative at making excuses than at writing novels.

3/10 Yae Miko has a great playstyle and works well on most team builds

Yae Miko's elemental explosion in Genshin Impact.

Despite Yae Miko’s disappointing release, she is one of the most unique playable characters in genshin impact. She is an Electrocatalyst user, but is a vast improvement over Lisa. Yae Miko’s elemental ability makes her a great DPS off the field, as she deals continuous Electro DMG even when players switch to another character.

Yae Miko also works well in most team builds, especially ones that include Anemo and Pyro. Yae Miko’s elemental burst is one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the game, with a cut scene showing a glowing purple kitsune behind her before lightning strikes her AoE.

2/10 Yae Miko is a Kitsune

Yae's fox form on her ID card in Genshin Impact.

Some of Yae Miko’s funniest voice lines are about her being kitsune and making fun of others of her kind. In one of them, she even makes fun of your average kitsune who jump headfirst into a snowdrift, hoping for food. She then jokingly asks the Traveler if they would like to see her do that.

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Yae Miko is also in the form of a fox, but she would never show it to the Traveler. However, players can see it when they reach friendship level ten with Yae Miko and unlock her name card. Actually, she is quite a cute Kitsune, even if she never revealed that form to anyone except Raiden Shogun.

1/10 Yae Miko has remained loyal to Raiden Shogun for centuries.

Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko from Genshin Impact.

Raiden Shogun may have been locked away in the Euthymian Plane for a long time, but Yae Miko always faithfully waited for her return. She has been loyal to Raiden Shogun for as long as they both remember her, so she was desperate to get her out of the Euthymian Plane.

In Yae Miko’s voice line about Raiden Shogun, she muses that Archon Electro deliberately forced herself to torture herself by locking herself away for so long. She then joked that he was stubborn in a cute way. In Japanese mythology, kitsunes embody eternity. Since Raiden Shogun is the God of Eternity, it makes sense that she and Yae Miko are thick as thieves.

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