Aquaman is one of DC Comics‘ premiere superheroes. He was a founding member of the Justice League and was one of their most popular heroes for years. Aquaman’s popularity waned at the beginning of the 21st Century, but it was reinvigorated with the New 52 Aquaman title by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis as well as Jason Mamoa’s performance as Aquaman in the DCEU films.

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Aquaman is a powerful hero. He is super-strong, incredibly durable, able to survive the crushing depths of the sea, and is able to telepathically communicate with undersea life. Despite this arsenal of powers, there are DC characters who are able to get the better of Aquaman–mentally if not physically.

10 Aquaman Never Truly Wins A Fight Against His Half-Brother, Ocean Master

Orm Marius is the half-brother of Aquaman and a frequent enemy of the hero. This connection, while strained, always makes any fight against Ocean Master especially difficult for Aquaman. Aquaman is most damaged by Ocean Master’s ability to damage relations between Atlantis and the surface world. It is figures like Orm that rally Atlanteans against the surface while keeping the surface nations distrustful of Atlanteans.

Orm briefly stole control of Sub Diego from Aquaman until he was overthrown. With the New 52, Orm was the ruler of Atlantis and launched a brutal assault on American coastal cities. This forced Aquaman to depose Orm and become the King of Atlantis, a role that Aquaman had long sought to avoid. Even when Aquaman beats Ocean Master, he loses ground in establishing relations between Atlantis and the surface world.

9 Batman: The Drowned Slew The Aquaman Counterpart Of Her Own World

On Earth -11, Atlantis is ruled by Aquawoman, that reality’s counterpart to Aquaman. Bryce Wayne is Batwoman, and she developed a seething hatred of metahumans after one killed her lover, Sylvester Kyle. Bryce started with Aquawoman after Atlantis first made overtures towards peace with the surface world.

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Bryce began experimenting on herself, turning herself into The Drowned, able to survive and fight underwater better than any living Atlantean. She wiped out Atlantis before being recruited by the Batman Who Laughs and Barbatos.

8 Thanatos Stole Aquaman’s Likeness And Wreaked Havoc With His Face

Thanatos is an interdimensional being who is able to lure victims into his mirror world before stealing their identity. He performed this trick upon Aquaman and began a destructive rampage as Aquaman on Earth. Thanatos enjoyed using Aquaman’s powerful form, so he never swapped to another identity after taking Aquaman’s.

Aquaman was able to beat Thanatos on a few occasions, but, like with Ocean Master, Thanatos always takes something from Aquaman and those he loves. One of the more disturbing acts of Thanatos was potentially impregnating Mera, with her none the wiser that Thanatos was not Aquaman. Thanatos would later trap Aquaman in his native dimension of Netherspace before declaring war on the surface world. Major Disaster, working on behalf of Task Force X, killed Thanatos in retaliation.

7 Corum Rath Was Able To Overthrow Aquaman And Steal The Throne Of Atlantis

Corum Rath was an Atlantean nativist and extremist intent on using the advanced technology of Atlantis to take over the surface world. He was arrested by Aquaman, but Arthur’s advisors were amenable to Corum’s political philosophy. They freed Rath to usurp the throne from Aquaman.

A powerful spell called the Crown of Thorns kept Aquaman in Atlantis and Mera and the Justice League out. Aquaman was seemingly killed by Murk but actually survived in the shadows. Eventually, Aquaman was able to rally resistance to Corum Rath, but it was actually the Abyssal Dark with whom Rath made a pact that brought the usurper down.

6 Reverse-Flash Killed The Flashpoint Aquaman Of The Dark Multiverse

On the Flashpoint Earth, a war between Atlantis and Themyscira threatens to wipe out the planet. In the Dark Multiverse twist on this tale by Bryan Hitch, the Flash fails to restore his powers and fix the timeline, leaving the Reverse-Flash/Eobard Thawne to run wild.

Thawne then turns his attention towards saving the planet so that he may rule it. The first step in that plan is blackmailing the President of the United States and killing Aquaman. Thawne then planned to negotiate with Wonder Woman, but that didn’t go as planned.

5 Black Manta Has Taken So Much From Aquaman That Arthur Will Never Truly Beat Him

Black Manta is Aquaman’s most hated foe. Manta has a long history of taking things from Aquaman. When Arthur was young, it was Manta and his own father that killed Arthur’s dad. Manta survived Arthur’s attempt at retaliation, but Arthur still accidentally killed Manta’s father–making Arthur a killer.

Black Manta attacked and destroyed Spindrift Station, which was supposed to be the first Atlantean surface embassy. Manta later seemingly killed Aquaman with the Death Kraken when the world was under attack by the Triumvirate of Sea Gods. Aquaman survived but lost his memories. Perhaps the most heinous thing that Black Manta has done to Aquaman comes from well before the New 52 when Black Manta suffocated Aquaman’s son (colloquially known as the Aquababy). Aquaman may beat Black Manta in combat, but it always costs Aquaman something.

4 Narwhal Killed The Aquaman Of The Pre-Flashpoint DC Universe

Before the New 52, Aquaman was actually dead for a time. This Aquaman, named Orin, had stepped back from the spotlight of heroism and had been mutated into the Dweller-in-the-Depths in a pact to resurface Sub Diego and save its inhabitants.

Narwhal, a resurrected assassin that was allegedly the son of Orin and an Inuit woman named Kako, went after the Dweller-in-the-Depths and killed him. Orin was succeeded by a metahuman Aquaman, but he later abandoned the title. Orin himself was resurrected as a Black Lantern and then given a new lease on life after the Blackest Night.

3 Green Arrow Killed A Zombified Aquaman And Often Leaves Arthur Enraged

Green Arrow has always been very vocal with his opinions. He’s never been a fan of the fact that Aquaman is a monarch with total control over a nation, and Oliver has made that clear to Aquaman–once calling him a “five-fathom fascist.” These exchanges always leave Aquaman rather furious.

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More recently, the two have swapped bodies due to timeline tampering by a clandestine organization, forcing Oliver and Arthur to work together. In the DCeased universe by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, and James Harren, Green Arrow is the one who actually kills the undead Aquaman with an arrow shot from a half-mile away.

2 Mera Has Overpowered Aquaman On Several Occasions

While they are one of DC’s oldest and strongest couples, Mera and Aquaman have had several spats over the years, many of which stem from Aquaman’s inability to pay any mind to his personal life. Mera has notably beaten Aquaman with her aquakinetic powers and even once exiled him from Atlantis when she took control of the throne.

Aquaman and Mera usually make things up to one another, but it does go to show that, more than anyone else, Mera is the best at beating Aquaman.

1 Aquaman Just Isn’t Able To Browbeat Superman Into Submission

It should come as no surprise that Aquaman has been incapable of beating Superman. Arthur and Mera put up a good fight at one point when tensions were particularly high between the U.S. and Atlantis, and Arthur had to wait for his army to arrive before the fighting could stop.

More recently, Superman stole the Genesis Fragment from Atlantis, effectively ending Clark and Arthur’s friendship. Aquaman was helpless to stop Superman, and Superman’s actions regarding the Genesis Fragment led the Justice League having to kick Kal-El off the team.

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