Documentaries provide a fascinating insight into a certain culture, industry, or person. However, in an age when superhero movies dominate the industry, documentaries tend to get lost in the shadows. It’s a shame, as documentaries are the perfect combination of education and entertainment.

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A documentary can educate viewers on topics ranging from science to true crime, and for most fans, they’re incredibly accessible. Original content on many streaming services includes documentaries that receive big budgets and tell an incredible story. Some movies tell stories so important that the whole world should see them.

fyrefest the trailer contains adult language

10/10 Thought crimes: The case of the cannibal cop was a dark true crime story

hbo documentary Thought crimes: the case of the cannibal policeman details the true crime case of an NYPD officer who was arrested for conspiring to kidnap and cannibalize women after his chat room messages were discovered. Apparently, no actual crime was committed. However, the film raised an interesting question: where should society draw the line between prosecutable crimes and thought crimes?

The team follows the arrested police officer and interviews the people in his life at the time of the arrest. Experts also weigh in and apply some logic to this confusing situation. This is one of the scariest true crime documentaries around, and answering the question of thought crimes turns out to be more difficult than fans may previously assume.

9/10 White Hot: The rise and fall of Abercrombie & Fitch follows the fashion label

netflix documentary White Hot: The Rise and Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch follows the rise of Abercrombie & Fitch, one of the most popular fashion brands of the 1990s and 2000s. warm white it also follows the decline in popularity of the brand after a series of controversies, including racist hiring practices, toxic work cultures, and offensive behavior.

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the theme of warm white It may seem like an odd choice for a documentary, but it’s incredibly intriguing and makes the viewer want to learn more. This documentary does an excellent job of uncovering the dark past of a staple American brand and the perils of the fashion industry. warm white it may even attract viewers who never shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch.

8/10 David Attenborough: A life on our planet will change the way fans see the world

David Attenborough is known for his participation in leading nature documentaries. A life on our planet focuses on Attenborough’s main concerns about the state of the planet, the continuing threats to Earth, and how nature has drastically changed since his childhood.

Attenborough formats the documentary as a witness statement and explains how the damage could be repaired. There is no doubt that Attenborough is a man qualified to make such a statement to the masses, and his passion for the environment is evident throughout. A life on our planet. Attenborough’s films not only educate audiences, but also inspire fans and change their view of the world.

7/10 After the truth: Misinformation and the cost of fake news are an important lesson on safe internet use

After the truth: misinformation and the cost of fake news is a deep dive into arguably one of the most pressing issues of the modern age: fake news. The documentary explores the origins and patterns of this phenomenon, but also goes a step further and explores the long-term damage that misinformation can have on society.

after the truth focuses on how misinformation directly contributes to beliefs in conspiracy theories, such as the ‘Pizzagate’ scandal. At a time when fake news can be as common as real news, it’s important to learn a few lessons from documentaries like after the truth so that Internet users can have a safer online experience.

6/10 Disclosure: Trans Lives On Screen teaches an important lesson about representation

Disclosure: trans lives on screen chronicles the difficult journey transgender people have had when it comes to fair and accurate representation in the media. The documentary also chronicles how the transgender community has been unfairly represented in Hollywood.

An analytical approach is used to document both the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of trans people in Hollywood, using film examples as evidence for these statements. trans lives on screen it is one of the most important documentaries to watch and will help the audience learn what needs to change. As a result, the film won three awards.

5/10 GameStop: Rise Of The Players is an interesting documentary

GameStop: The Rise of Gamers follows the events surrounding GameStop’s stock market crash and the events that shocked both the stock market and the world. This event was an excellent choice for a documentary.

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Everyone heard about this event when it occurred, but the economic significance may have been overlooked by those unfamiliar with the stock market. The documentary makes this event accessible to all viewers, and the interviews do an excellent job of providing first-hand accounts and expert testimony about GameStop’s plight.

4/10 The Octopus Master won an Oscar

my master octopus is a critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning documentary about the relationship between a free diver and an octopus residing in False Bay, South Africa. The man and the octopus form a friendship and close bond over the course of a year.

Free-diver filmmaker Craig Foster credits the octopus for teaching him lessons about the delicate nature of life and the connection between man and nature. my master octopus is a moving and moving documentary that gives fans a new perspective.

the social dilemma is a documentary that makes a deep and exhaustive analysis of the devastating effects of social networks on the mental health of users. The documentary postulates that social networks have made their way into everyday life and have exposed children and adolescents to their harmful qualities.

The ills of social media are on full display at the social dilemma. This movie covers all the ills of the information age, from misinformation going unchecked to social media companies using addiction-inducing tactics on their users. The interviewees expose these giant social media companies for their misdeeds and sow doubt in the minds of all social media users about their online practices.

2/10 Fyre: The Biggest Party That Never Happened Is One Of The Biggest Scams Ever

The Fyre Festival is one of the biggest scams of the modern era. The promised music festival was exposed as a massive scam that left thousands of people stranded in Exuma, Bahamas, with no accommodation other than FEMA tents. This event shocked the whole world and became one of the most important topics of conversation of the year.

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Netflix worked with media companies directly involved in promoting the Fyre Festival to produce this documentary, allowing employees who worked with event planners to share their stories. These in-depth interviews and live footage filmed during each stage of the festival put the viewer right in the middle of the action.

1/10 The Capote Tapes follows the career of Truman Capote

The Capote Ribbons examines the sensational fall of one of America’s most brilliant writers, Truman Capote. The documentary centers on Capote, who was writing a retrospective of the life of the New York socialite of which he was a member. This was supposed to be his masterpiece, but the slow decline of his career began.

The documentary crew uses previously unheard audiotapes and interviews of Capote, as well as his famous friends and equally famous enemies. All of this paints a picture of this critical turning point in the life of Truman Capote.

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