Feature films continue to break records at the box office, but horror movies do especially well with audiences and are perennial comforts. Horror is built upon genre tropes, but it’s exciting how this ambitious area of cinema breaks new ground and normalizes radical ideas like found-footage horror. Creep is one of the more evocative found-footage horror movies to come out of the 2000s. The magnetic chemistry between Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice’s characters is a major factor in Creep’s success.

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Audiences are pushed to the brink in anticipation over whether Mark Duplass’ serial killer character will attack. The personal, paranoid journey that Creep sends its audience on is hard to replicate, but other powerful horror movies should please fans of the 2014 horror movie.

10 Creep 2 Builds Upon Its Predecessor In Creative Ways

Sequels can be a mixed bag but are often inevitable in the horror genre. Those that love Creep should be just as satisfied with its successor, Creep 2. A similar story plays out as Mark Duplass’ duplicitous serial killer lures another subject into his compelling web of lies.

Creep 2 lacks visceral scares, but it’s an even deeper and more disturbing character study, especially since Duplass’ “Aaron” appears to meet his match with his new fascination, Sara. Hopefully, Duplass and director and co-writer Patrick Brice will get to make their final film to complete this dark trilogy.

9 The Visit Plays With Perception Through An Inventive Found-Footage Film

M. Night Shyamalan is an undeniably accomplished filmmaker, but his recent cinematic offerings have received more polarizing receptions. The Visit is an important return to form for Shyamalan and presents a smaller, more intimate movie that pays off in big ways.

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The Visit looks at two young siblings who visit their grandparents for the weekend, only for them to detect unusual behavior from their grandparents. Much like with Creep, The Visit is presented as a found-footage story. The Visit‘s greatest twist is how it plays with expectations and allows the audience to create horror where there may not be any.

8 The Taking Of Deborah Logan Shines A Light On Mental Illness As A Conduit For Horror

The novelty of low-budget found-footage horror movies like Creep has made them a constant fixture of the horror genre. Found-footage movies can work when they properly establish the right rules. The Taking Of Deborah Logan is an excellent example of a disturbing possession story that initially dresses itself up as a documentary on Alzheimer’s.

A fine line is towed while the audience considers what’s actually going on. All of this is anchored by a phenomenal performance from Jill Larson as the titular Deborah Logan. The Taking builds to a haunting final act.

7 The Poughkeepsie Tapes Is A Terrifying Look Into A Killer’s Madness

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a horror movie that’s somewhat flown under the radar due to its pitch black content, which truly feels like footage from unearthed snuff films. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is presented as a pseudo-documentary on a prolific serial killer after hundreds of tapes of torture and twisted behavior are discovered by the police.

The aesthetics of Creep and Poughkeepsie Tapes aren’t dissimilar, but the latter is even more intense and contains one of the most twisted movie murderers. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a heartbreaking dissection of control, manipulation, and abuse with a final image that leaves the viewer haunted.

6 The Perfect Host Personifies How A Book Should Never Be Judged By Its Cover

The best horror movies are the ones that subvert expectations and leave the audience on their toes. The Perfect Host begins with an on-the-run criminal who forces his way into a socialite’s home, only for him to learn that he’s put himself in the orbit of someone who’s even more twisted than himself.

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The Perfect Host gets a lot of mileage out of Frasier’s David Hyde Pierce in the lead role, who plays a very Niles-esque character here. He then shifts into something considerably more menacing, not unlike the turn that’s experienced in Creep.

5 The Sacrament Looks At A Master Manipulator And His Fallen Followers

Ti West is a name to look out for in the horror genre. He’s responsible for the effortless House Of The Devil and his next movie, X, is going to be one of 2022’s biggest horror releases. The Sacrament is another powerful entry from West’s filmography and, like Creep, it makes use of the found-footage genre in creative ways.

The Sacrament investigates a cult-like commune and the suspicious leader who’s become an increasing threat. The Sacrament is slow burn horror at its best. Both the characters and the audience feel trapped and powerless during the experience.

4 Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon Creates Its Own Serial Killer Myth

One of the benefits of modern horror films is that they have decades of iconic movies to pull from and deconstruct as they tell a new story. Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon is a very self-aware horror movie about a serial killer who’s obsessed with the titans of the genre (like Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers) and even hires a filmmaker to document his murderous milestones.

Leslie Vernon bears a lot of similarities to Mark Duplass’ serial killer in Creep. Both Behind The Mask and Creep are enlightening and candid looks into the nature of evil.

3 The Collector And The Collection Are The Perfect Mix Of Creepy And Clever

Both The Collector and its sequel, The Collection, are incredibly visceral horror movies that don’t shy away from the twisted nature of the worst serial killers. The Collector was originally developed as a prequel to Saw, only to morph into its own series. The similarities are in plain sight and there are a wealth of macabre traps that make both of these movies continually tense.

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The Collection flips the script on The Collector in a way that’s more inventive than most sequels. It’s impressive how terrifying The Collection’s antagonist becomes even though he’s almost completely silent.

2 Unfriended Applies A Modern Twist On The Found-Footage Genre That Connects

Unfriended is technically a found-footage horror movie, but it stands out from its peers due to how its story is told through webcams and computer devices. Unfriended’s subject matter goes in a very different direction than Creep, but they both turn their limited aesthetics into assets.

It’s easy to scoff at a movie like Unfriended, but it pulls in the audience through its intimate presentation and authentic characters. Unfriended doesn’t try to overextend itself and get overly ambitious. Even the horror movie’s sequel, Unfriended: Dark Web, is a successful execution of its prescient premise.

1 Tusk Is A Twisted Body Horror Fantasy That Must Be Seen To Be Believed

A lot of filmmakers with comedic backgrounds have transitioned into the horror genre and it’s a shift that colored an odd portion of Kevin Smith’s career. Tusk is an absolutely ridiculous body horror nightmare. Justin Long’s character finds himself held hostage and surgically transformed into a walrus to appease a ludicrous man’s broken fantasies.

Tusk may be more of a spectacle than a legitimately effective horror movie, but the committed performances by Michael Parks, Justin Long, and Johnny Depp, plus the bonkers premise, are enough to justify a watch.

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