Marvel has many intelligent superheroes, but few can match the intellect of Iron Man. Tony Stark built his Iron Man armor in captivity and spent years as a leader of the superhero community. During that time, he was constantly tinkering with his armor and improving it. He also worked alongside the best scientists on the planet, proving that he was more than just a brilliant engineer.

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Riri Williams was a teenager who was able to copy Stark’s greatest achievement, making her own Iron Man armor. Taking the name Ironheart, she fought evil and proved to be more intelligent than Stark. She’s not the only one either, as there are other Marvel heroes and villains out there who are smarter than Iron Man.

10/10 Black Panther has a more complete intellect

Black Panther is a venerable mantle in Wakanda, with T’Challa being the best of all. The current leader of the African nation, T’Challa has always been considered among the smartest people on Earth. Whether T’Challa is a better engineer or inventor than Iron Man is debatable; In any case, his knowledge of vibranium and how to work it is much greater.

On top of that, T’Challa is a born statesman and negotiator. T’Challa has kept his nation safe and sound throughout his tenure as ruler. Not only is he excellent at leading superhero teams into battle, but he also has a brilliant understanding of general military tactics. Iron Man is smart, but T’Challa has a much more complete intellect than his Avengers teammate.

9/10 Mister Sinister’s knowledge of genetics far exceeds anything Iron Man knows

Mister Sinister from X-Men smiling in Marvel Comics.

Iron Man is apparently a tradesman when it comes to science, but one place where he seems to be deficient is in genetics. His understanding of technology is excellent, but he is not an expert in natural sciences. That’s where Mister Sinister beat him by a wide margin. Sinister is a master of genetics. He is capable of modifying genomes in any way he wants and masters the sciences of cloning.

This was certainly proven in AXE: Judgment Day. Iron Man was able to help create the Progenitor’s body, but needed Mister Sinister’s knowledge to bring it to life. Sinister may be crazy, but he’s a brilliant geneticist second to none.

8/10 Zuras is the oldest and wisest eternal

Front and side profile picture of Zuras

The Eternals have existed for a million years, endowed with the knowledge and power of the Celestials. Not all of them are the smartest, but there is one that is certainly much smarter than Iron Man and that is Zuras. The longtime Prime Eternal is among the oldest living things on Earth and was the first Eternal created by the Celestials.

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Zuras has knowledge that no other human being on Earth has. He has led Eternals society since his birth and has an innate understanding of machine, celestial technology that is based on Earth itself. Iron Man is smart, but he doesn’t have one percent of the knowledge that Zuras does.

7/10 Thanos knows more about the universe than Iron Man could imagine

Thanos getting angry from Marvel Comics

Few Marvel villains can fulfill their destiny, but then again, not all villains are Thanos. The Mad Titan has spent centuries terrorizing the universe, his nihilism propelling him to further acts of genocide. Thanos is known for being superlatively powerful, but he’s also about as smart as he gets. Thanos was educated on Titan among his fellow Eternals and learned many secrets of the universe on his journeys.

Iron Man is smart, but Thanos is smarter than Iron Man could ever be. He learned things as a child that Iron Man couldn’t yet understand, and he knows secrets about the universe that no one else knows. If he put his mind to it, he could create armor far more powerful than anything Iron Man could imagine.

6/10 Galactus was a brilliant scientist billions of years ago and he’s only gotten smarter

Galactus wields the Power Cosmic in Marvel Comics

No Marvel villain has killed more than Galactus. The World Eater was once Gallant of Ta’a, a scientist at the end of the last universe. He was the only survivor and became Galactus when he was bathed in the end-of-the-universe energies from him. Waking up in this iteration of the universe, he has traveled the cosmos for billions of years.

Galactus was already smarter than Iron Man before he became Galactus, but in the billions of years since, he’s only gotten smarter. He has even been able to access cosmic consciousness, allowing him to see events anywhere in space and time. Galactus’ intelligence dwarfs that of Iron Man.

5/10 Phaestos is the greatest engineer of the Eternals

Phaestos firing energy from his hammer in Marvel Comics

AXE: Judgment Day rocked the Marvel Universe. Iron Man’s intellect was instrumental in creating the Progenitor, but he needed a lot of help to do it. Ajak gave her the blueprint, but she brought Phaestos to do the job only an Eternal could. Phaestos has been the Eternals’ chief engineer for millennia and has created technology superior to what Iron Man has.

Phaestos was primarily responsible for the maintenance of the Machine. He communicated with it like no one else and could use it to create works that would amaze the greatest human minds. By himself, his understanding of other technologies is light-years ahead of anything humanity can create, including Stark himself.

4/10 Reed Richards was for a long time the smartest superhero in the world

Reed Richards of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four stares into space

There’s always a debate about who’s smarter between Reed Richards and Iron Man, but the smart money is on Richards. Iron Man excels in engineering, computers, and weapons technology. Reed excels at everything. He created unstable molecules, portals to other dimensions, various types of interstellar ships, and scientific equipment to explore the universe to degrees no one else could.

The Fantastic Four have been so successful thanks to Richards’ scientific knowledge. He has worked with Stark many times over the years and always outshines his friend. Everyone knows that Reed is smarter, including Iron Man himself.

3/10 Moon Girl is the smartest person on Earth

Luna girl from Marvel Comics looking smug

Moon Girl was a smart girl who lived in New York City before she got mixed up with superheroes. She possessed Inhuman genes and, thanks to her Terrigenesis, she gained the power to change her mind with the Devil Dinosaur. However, her intellect had nothing to do with her powers and she quickly proved herself to be the smartest person on the planet.

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Moon Girl received Amadeus Cho’s Banner BOX test. She’s the only person to have solved it, something Iron Man can’t match. Moon Girl may not have all the knowledge that Iron Man has, but she is easily smarter than him.

2/10 Doctor Doom is Iron Man’s superior in all things

Citizens of Latveria celebrating Doom in the Marvel Comics series Doctor Doom Solo

Doctor Doom is Marvel’s greatest villain and easily the smartest. The monarch of Latveria is a master sorcerer, second only to Doctor Strange in magical knowledge. He created a time machine years before Iron Man understood time dynamics.

His armor has been equipped at various times with energy siphon technology that can drain the power of the gods, teleportation equipment, and a device that simulates the weight of Earth. He saved the Multiverse when Iron Man couldn’t. Doom’s superiority over Iron Man is obvious to everyone.

1/10 Ironheart created the Iron Man armor as a teenager

The Ironheart Mark II armor with Riri

The Iron Man armor is Marvel’s most expensive costume, a piece of technological art that most assumed would never be replicated. Of course, the people who thought that never knew Riri Williams. Williams was a genius like few others, she earned a scholarship to MIT at the age of 11. Riri has always loved superheroes and she decided to try building her own Iron Man armor.

He didn’t have anywhere near the resources that Iron Man did, but he created a surprisingly advanced suit. She took Iron Man’s place after he slipped into a coma, his digitized consciousness acting as his mentor. Since then, she continued to modify the armor and took the name Ironheart, fighting alongside the champions.

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