Bleach is a legendary fantasy action anime series, just like its peers Naruto and One Piece, and all three series feature some truly unique and creative fight scenes where the authors stretched their imaginations to thrill viewers with the unexpected. Any fight is a good fight when no one can tell what’s going to happen next.

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In Bleach‘s case, some fights are fairly straightforward, such as a clash of sword on sword, but it’s not always like that. Bleach has a deep and complex combat system that allows for some truly unique and memorable fights that are sure to stick in viewers’ minds for years to come.

10 Kenpachi Zaraki Vs Kaname Tosen Involved A Bizarre Bankai

During the Soul Society arc, the Soul Reaper officers primarily clashed with Ichigo’s invading team, but they sometimes fought one another, too. At one point, Captain Kaname Tosen of squad 9 was at odds with Captain Kenpachi Zaraki of squad 11, and a fight broke out. Sajin was there too, but he didn’t do much.

Tosen used his sense-based bankai to rob Kenpachi of his sight, hearing, and sense of smell to gain the advantage. Then, Kenpachi took a gamble and allowed Tosen to stab him, so he could grab Tosen’s sword and thus sense his location and injure him. Kenpachi did just that, and in hindsight, that’s such a Kenpachi thing to do.

9 Yumichika Ayasegawa Vs Charlotte Chuhlhourne Involved A Strange Shikai

During the Fake Karakura Town story arc, the Soul Reapers went up against what remained of Aizen’s army, and while some of those fights were forgettable, Yumichika’s was not. Being the 5th seat of squad 11, Yumichika Ayasegawa refused to make full use of his kido-based zanpakuto where everyone could see it.

So, Yumichika used a partial shikai, even if it meant losing, and he and his flamboyant opponent annoyed each other endlessly. Finally, Yumichika got a chance to use his true kido to win, and he explained that his zanpakuto has color preferences, which tied into its shikai. No other zanpakuto is like that.

8 The Tres Bestias Vs Rangiku & Allies Involved An Unexpected Monster, Ayon

The 3rd Espada, Tier Halibel, sent her three minions, the Tres Bestias, into the fray, and they clashed with Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto and her allies. Rangiku’s shikai held the Tres Bestias off, so the three Arrancars each removed an arm and combined them to form a new creature.

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This monster was Ayon, embodying traits from its creators Sung-Sun, Apacci, and Mila Rose, which is a unique phenomenon among the Arrancars. Rangiku and her allies struggled against the mighty Ayon until Yamamoto himself intervened and finished it off.

7 Uryu Ishida & Peche Guatiche Vs Cirucci Sanderwicci Was Silly But Interesting

During the Hueco Mundo story arc, Ichigo and his friends split up, and the Quincy archer Uryu Ishida ended up with the friendly Arrancar Pesche Guatiche as a teammate. These unlikely allies soon faced a fallen Espada named Circci Sanderwicci, who had a zanpakuto like a yo-yo.

Pesche used a technique to coat the battlefield in slick liquids, and Cirucci comically slipped and fell right onto her face. Annoyed, Cirucci activated her zanpakuto, and it fell to Uryu to find a solution. He won when he used a spirit-cutting weapon to streal Cirucci’s power and use it for himself.

6 Soi Fon Vs Yoruichi Shihoin Was A Ninja Battle

During the Soul Society, the Captain of squad 2, Soi Fon, fought not Ichigo’s team, but her former mentor, Yoruichi Shihoin. Both characters are like ninjas with zanpakuto, and they had a fight unlike any other in Bleach.

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Soi Fon and Yoruichi fought up close and personal with martial arts and Soi Fon’s sting-based shikai, Suzumebachi. Then, Yoruichi unveiled her Shunko technique, a melee-based kido technique, and Soi Fon had her own, too. This unique fight ultimately ended in a draw.

5 Rukia Kuchiki Vs Aaroniero Arurruerie Involved A Fake Kaien & Sunlight

Rukia’s main fight in the Hueco Mundo story arc pitted her against the 9th Espada, the gluttonous Aaroniero Arurruerie. Notably, Aaroniero can manifest the physical form of any Hollow he has eaten, including the Hollow that had fused with Kaien Shiba. So, Aaroniero could pose as Kaien and even use his shikai, Nejibana.

Rukia was already feeling guilty about killing Kaien, and Aaroniero used that against her with his disguise. Then, Rukia exposed Aaroniero with a ray of sunlight by using a kido spell, and she exposed Aaroniero’s true face. No other Espada operates like that.

4 Shunsui Kyoraku Vs Stark Involved Deadly Games

The Primera Espada, Coyote Starrk, battled the elite Captain Shunsui Kyoraku, and these two fighters had all kinds of tricks up their sleeves. Starrk had razor-sharp instincts and cero pistols on his side, while Shunsui had a playful but deadly shikai that loves games.

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Starrk had to play these “games” to fight Shunsui, and he learned the rules with astonishing speed. Even more remarkable is that Starrk did all this while being a lazy, easygoing fellow who doesn’t even like fighting. He really stands out, even among the colorful Espadas.

3 Mayuri Kurotsuchi Vs Szayelaporro Grantz Was A Mad Scientist Battle

Uryu and Renji couldn’t defeat the 8th Espada, Szayelaporro Grantz, on their own. Fortunately, Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi of squad 12 arrived to help, and he knew just what to do. Like Szayelaporro, Mayuri is a vicious and brilliant scientist, and he planned everything out ahead of time

Mayuri and Szayelaporro engaged in a truly unique battle of science and tricks, including Szayelaporro being reborn from Nemu’s body and hijacking Mayuri’s bankai. In the end, Mayuri won when he fed Szayelaporro a mind-accelerant drug that left Szayelaporro paralyzed.

2 Kenpachi Zaraki Vs Gremmy Thoumeaux

This particular fight scene takes place in the Bleach manga, in the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. The mighty Sternritter were a challenge unlike any other, and Sternritter “V” Gremmy Thoumeaux had the incredible ability to shape reality with his imagination alone.

Gremmy imagined everything from assault rifles to outer space and the deep ocean to fight Kenpachi, but in the end, Kenpachi activated his shikai at last and won the fight with sheer strength. Gremmy couldn’t imagine his way out of that and faced defeat.

1 Rukia & Allies Vs Shrieker

Season 1 of Bleach featured some remarkable fights, and one of those battles involved a villainous Hollow called Shrieker. He had some unusual abilities involving the use of spirit bugs, explosions, and his own tongue, and the heroes had a tough time fighting him.

Even Chad took part in this bizarre fight, despite being unable to see Shrieker, while Rukia could see Shrieker but had almost no power. This amusing, creative fight even involved Chad throwing Rukia at Shrieker with the Chad Catapult technique, and Chad actually hit Shrieker with a telephone pole. No Soul Reaper has ever done that.

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