With Fire Emblem Engage On the horizon, fans of the series are eagerly awaiting what kind of new experience the new entry can bring. Even with all the innovation during its thirty year lifespan, there is always room for improvement and experimentation with the fire emblem franchise. From story structure changes to potential classes, there’s plenty of new stuff for players to expect to see in this upcoming title.

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three houses it brought a host of new mechanics while expanding existing ones. It also told a story with a new complexity that had not been seen since Genealogy of the Holy War. It seems that Intelligent Systems has finally come to fruition and, with ample funds and time, it may take fire emblem to even greater heights.

10/10 More innovative classes would be nice

the fire emblem The series is no stranger to experimenting with character classes. However, when the series has become obsessed with basing its worlds in medieval Europe, there isn’t much they can do. Engage may be the game that takes a step outside of the franchise’s comfort zone, aside from Heroes.

For a long time, fans have been working on their own unique ideas for future classes such as shapeshifters, gunslingers, and camel riders. Intelligent Systems can display that same level of creativity for your classes. This wish will likely be granted, largely to newer fans unfamiliar with the older classes that Engage can bring back.

9/10 Maps need a breath of fresh air

FE Engage early gameplay map from the premiere trailer

fire emblem You’ve always been somewhat hit and miss with your map layout. Most of the time, they are decent at best. Wake up Y Shadows of Valentia they were infamous for their vast expanses of open country that gave little tactical advantage to the player or the enemy, not thanks to a lack of terrain.

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Engage It could experiment more with the way armies interact during combat, such as using special tiles or implementing paths and turning conditions that alter how a level can be completed. They don’t have to be grandmaster chessboards, just moderately challenging, as long as they’re not level design nightmares like the late game maps of Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations.

8/10 More ethnic diversity among the cast

An as-yet-unnamed dark-skinned girl from the FE Engage trailer

three houses was actually the fire emblem first game featuring a Middle Eastern-inspired protagonist with a pivotal role in the story. Said character, Claude von Riegan, had ancestry going back to the country of Almyra, which also drew inspiration from the Middle East.

Although characters of various ethnic groups have always had a presence in fire emblem, some ethnicities only found representation in supporting characters and villains. The continent of Elyos features a desert kingdom home to two notable ethnic characters, whose presence in the trailers hints that they play an important role.

7/10 More narrative diversity among the main characters

fire emblem involve the protagonist marth

fire emblem fans would love to see more characters that don’t fall into the same archetypes as their predecessors. As the series shifted more towards narrative titles rather than gameplay-based games, Intelligent Systems needed a way to make the characters feel familiar and engaging with each entry, prompting the creation of archetypes.

The archetypes helped the writers create characters that shared roles with characters from the past but with slightly different circumstances. However, many who fall into an archetype are virtually indistinguishable from those who came before. Hopefully the new entry will give fire emblem fans some characters that don’t rely on archaic characters and story writing conventions to be interesting.

6/10 Every entry in the series should get some attention

The mural at FE Engage depicting Elyios and the Crests

From what has been confirmed so far, the protagonist Alear is tasked by her mother, the Divine Dragon King, to obtain the twelve Emblem rings and use them to defeat the Fallen Dragon. The hope that there are more than twelve and that other protagonists throughout the series have rings is unanimous among the community.

Not only do the measly twelve count the heroes that had the same importance as the confirmed Emblems, but they also count the heroes of the spin-off titles. It would be a huge waste of fan potential and enthusiasm if the characters from fire emblem Heroes, fire emblem Warriorseither Tokyo Mirage #FE sessions They didn’t get a chance to shine.

5/10 Better written and more convincing villains

What appears to be Marth delivering the final blow against the Fallen Dragon

antagonists in fire emblem It’s always been something of a sore spot. Villains usually boil down to “evil sorcerer trying to resurrect an evil dragon”, with various deviations depending on the entry. When the series’ most complex villains are a sickly prince who trusted the Demon King, a fairy queen with a brother complex, and a angsty, anti-theistic war criminal, improvements are needed.

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Engage seems to be going for the “evil wizard trying to resurrect an evil dragon” plot again, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Even if the final boss isn’t all that impressive, perhaps the game’s minions are well-written fan favorites.

4/10 More unique weapons and weapon types

Alear about to fight a Corrupted

In recent years, fire emblem hasn’t been shy about drawing inspiration from real-world culture and folklore to influence weapon names and designs. Hopefully, with the new regions on Elyos, there will be more variety in weapons, specifically in their names, skins, and effects.

fire emblem took the right path with the advent of the oriental-inspired Myrmidon class during the Gameboy Advance era, but never quite made it until Destinations, with an entire country based on the Warring States Era of Japan. With a desert kingdom on the way, Engage could introduce all sorts of interesting weapons and armor to the franchise.

3/10 Props not taken from a dating sim

Veyle the dragon shortly after saving Alear from a corrupt.

Supports have become a staple mechanic of the series, but the execution has faltered over time. The Support Conversations joke turning games into dating sims gradually became less of a joke as the series progressed. This left a lot to be desired for fans longing for the good old days when conversations didn’t always have to end with two characters paired up after the final boss.

While it wouldn’t be a completely new change, it would be nice to see more platonic supports again, instead of turning unit cooperation into a shipping war. This is especially true of Alear, the player’s insert character, an archetype that was given exclusively romantic paired endings until three houses.

2/10 Alear is more than another hero Goodie-Two-Shoes

Alear standing in a burning castle with a sinister expression

The franchise’s newest protagonist, Alear, appears to be your run-of-the-mill “My Unit.” Characters of this type are notorious for being rather boring and generic. Known for being “kind” or “wanting peace”, they are often paragons of virtue who can do no wrong.

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Even when Intelligent Systems tried to write a morally gray My Unit with Corrin, it failed spectacularly. The latest trailer revealed that IntSys might actually deliver this time and allow Alear to fall to the dark side. Even if it doesn’t last the entire game after the event, it will make Alear and his story stand out among other My Units.

1/10 A truly distinctive story

Alear comes face to face with his mother after being saved by Corrupted

Engage celebrates the legacy of fire emblem Serie. Unfortunately, this means that the plot could also be recycled from previous games, whose stories were sometimes mediocre to begin with.

The most recent titles offered a more unique and compelling story than their predecessors, but the discourse of who was “right” and who was “wrong” drowned out any plot the game wanted to present to the community. Above all, the fans want EngageThe story of to take the series back to its roots while presenting a fascinating and unique narrative.

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