Pixar has crafted many wonderfully written and animated films. Fans always look forward to a new release – even if the films do not always resonate with audiences, the characters always stand out. Fans have mixed feelings about Pixar’s many characters.

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This isn’t a bad thing, as this shows that these characters have quite a bit of depth. Having negative traits may damage their likability, but it makes them feel more human. Fans can and have made similar mistakes, and the films express that despite this, characters are often able to find redemption in some way.

10 Coco: Imelda Rivera Hated Music But Learned Forgiveness

Imelda was once a singer that loved music. However, her husband walked out on her and their daughter in order to advance his musical career. As a single parent, she started a life as a shoemaker. Unable to bear music, she banned it from her and her family’s lives. This fostered a hatred for music within the family, and as a result, she rejected a part of Miguel.

She tried to force him to accept her blessing on the condition that he give up music, but he couldn’t accept. She didn’t discover her husband’s murder until she was in the afterlife, but still couldn’t forgive him because he had still walked out. Despite this, she still agreed to help save Héctor’s life. Miguel convinced Imelda to support him and the thing he loved, and she learned to finally forgive Héctor.

9 Cars: Lightning McQueen Is Competitive, But Has Been Shown To Be Caring

McQueen started off as a selfish individual, who felt that he could do anything on his own. He pushed people away, and looked down on the people of Radiator Springs when he first arrived. The cars in Radiator Springs transformed him into a kinder vehicle who could think about others.

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His race with The King exemplified this aspect, as he helped the totaled car across the finish line so he wouldn’t experience the heartbreak that Doc Hudson did. In future races, McQueen became competitive once more, making his victories a higher priority. His desire to remain relevant made him prickly, until he eased into the mentor role later in life.

8 Toy Story: Woody Bounced Between Being Selfish And Compassionate

Woody has always shown a powerful desire to be in control. He loved his position as the leader of Andy’s toys, and tried to force himself into a similar role after becoming Bonnie’s toy. He craved attention, to the point where he was even willing to leave Andy after receiving praise from Jessie and Stinky Pete.

This, combined with a plethora of harsh things he said to his friends when they did something he didn’t agree with (such as staying at a daycare), made many Toy Story fans dislike him. On the other hand, the cowboy toy can be compassionate. He has saved Buzz Lightyear and other toys using his natural leadership skills. He was also fiercely loyal to his kid, whether it was Bonnie or Andy.

7 A Bug’s Life: Flik Is A Good Guy, But Has Made Many Mistakes

Flik is a worker ant who has always prioritized his colony. He created a variety of inventions, most of which ended in spectacular failure. Some fans dislike him because of the gravity of his failures, including crushing the princess and losing the food meant for the grasshoppers.

He even brought circus bugs to help them, and lied about them being incredible warriors. However, Flik’s actions, including his mistakes, led to the colony finally ridding themselves of Hopper and his cronies. This led to the colony finally accepting him and his flaws.

6 Monsters, Inc.: Randall Is Bitter, But Is A Sympathetic Character

Randall is competitive, especially when Sully is involved. He seems to relish his ability to intimidate others, whether it be monster or human. In an attempt to rise up in the company, he was willing to kidnap Boo, a human child, so that he could forcibly pull the screams from her.

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This is by no means acceptable, but the prequel, Monsters University, explained that Randall wasn’t always this way. He was friendly until Sully unintentionally humiliated him during the Scare Games. He was a joke to other monsters after this, and he dedicated his life to getting revenge.

5 Inside Out: Joy Is Initially Controlling But Finally Understood Sadness

Joy’s purpose in life was to make Riley happy. She made it clear that she only tolerated emotions like Disgust, Fear, and Anger because they played a role in protecting Riley. She wasn’t so understanding of Sadness’ role, incorrectly assuming that nothing good could come out of making Riley sad.

For a while, she suppressed Sadness, forcing her to read manuals and stand in a corner. She admonished Sadness every time she did something. When they traveled together, she understood that ignoring Sadness was hurting Riley. Joy accepted her, and acknowledged that Sadness was the only one who could keep Riley from running away from home.

4 Soul: 22 Tried To Be Annoying But Learned To Love The World

22 was a soul who wanted to stay in the Great Before. She didn’t want to go to Earth, saying she wasn’t at all interested in life there. She successfully pushed her mentors away with her snarky attitude.

She even used the voice of a middle-aged woman in order to annoy people, and it worked a little too well on audiences. 22 acted as though she knew everything about Earth, but actually experiencing life’s simple pleasures made her eager to start a life on her own. She quickly became more likeable the more she fell in love with Earth.

3 Luca: Daniela Cares For Her Son But Shows It In The Wrong Ways

Daniela was scared of humans, and for good reason. The humans wanted to kill sea monsters so much that there was reward money for doing so. When Luca ran away to the surface, she was quick to follow him. She was desperate to bring him home before anyone could discover his identity.

Unfortunately, her methods of protecting him were too extreme. She refused to speak of the surface, and wanted to send Luca to the bottom of the ocean to keep him safe. Luca would have been absolutely miserable there. She also planned to splash water on him in order to reveal his identity to the world.

2 Incredibles 2: Jack-Jack Is Cute, But Has Too Much Presence

Jack-Jack is the cutest Incredible. He started off as the most normal member of the super-powered family, and became the one with the most powers. Although the baby seems harmless at first, his unpredictable moods make him more terrifying than expected. The reactions to his powers are what make Jack-Jack so funny.

According to many fans, the sequel gives Jack-Jack a little too much attention. At times, he can take over the film, making it feel less like an Incredibles film and more like a film about him. He even has two shorts focused on him, showing just how much Pixar favors him.

1 Finding Nemo: Marlin Is A Grumpy Fish On A Noble Quest

Marlin displayed a plethora of negative traits throughout the film. He had no patience, required things to be done his way, was overprotective of his son, and he was terrified of the world. His stubborn attitude not only drove Nemo away, but it also led to Dory’s jellyfish sting.

His journey dissolved all of these bad traits. He grew braver from his dangerous encounters, and he learned to trust Dory and his son to make their own decisions. Unfortunately, he spends most of the movie complaining about his adventure, which can wear down some audiences.

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