The stories and dilemmas in anime and seinen manga are twisty and difficult to navigate. Often, there is no easy solution and no clear morality. This produces resolutions that are hard to swallow, especially for the protagonist. It is not uncommon for protagonists to die in seinen works. Success can manifest itself in many ways, even if it may seem counterproductive or painful to viewers.

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However, this does not apply to all protagonists. There are many protagonists in seinen works who are lucky or blessed with incredible plot armor. In moments of defeat, these heroes receive victories they didn’t get. These cases kill the momentum of the story and rob the audience of the excitement of the narrative.

10/10 Saitama contradicts the dramatic tension of the action

one punch man

There is no point in a program of action where the result is predetermined. one punch man take that to the extreme with Saitama. Thanks to his exercise routine, Saitama gains unsurpassed power, durability, and speed. As a comedy, this is a hilarious device. It subverts expectations for action by trivializing every threat in the program. Every villain who wreaks havoc is guaranteed to lose to him.

While this works for a comedy, it’s terrible for a standard action series. All the tension of the show is lost since the public knows who is going to win. In a serious fight like Garou vs Saitama, it really doesn’t make sense to play the scene much.

9/10 Time travel rescues Ouran and Kadode

Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction

Ouran and Kadode from Dead Dead Demons Dededededestruction

for half of Dead Dead Demon’s DededededestructionInio Asano’s career was shaping up to be one of the best manga. An interplanetary invasion is viewed from the perspective of ordinary civilians, while political interests misunderstood the aliens and used fear to generate an endless conflict zone. It was an incredibly smart sci-fi manga that unfolds with some hilarious dialogue.

After the halfway point, he went off the rails. He introduced time travel, making Ouran and Kadode more than just civilians. His actions caused incredible damage, but time travel transported the narrative to a timeline where none of that happened.

8/10 Jean Otus is saved by Nino

ACCA: Inspection Department of 13 Territories.

Jean Otus de Acca 13

the last third of ACCA: Inspection Department of 13 Territories. he goes berserk once he reveals Jean as a potential heir to the throne. The circumstances are incredibly complicated, especially Nino’s relationship with him. Anyway, a plot is formed around this information where the First Princess orders a hit on Jean.

There is a chance this plan could work, but Nino comes out of nowhere to save Jean from being shot. If Jean died, both Mauve and Lilium would have no influence on each other or on the monarchy. All the intrigues in the districts would mean nothing, and the main character would be gone.

7/10 Satoru Fujinuma Experiences Really Convenient Revivals


Satoru implicated by his mother's death in Erased

The central phenomena of Erased never explained. Satoru gains the ability to produce revivals, causing him to go back in time to save a person’s life. The activation of the ability starts out arbitrarily, but each time it becomes more convenient. It forces Satoru to save a random child, but any other instance is just to push the narrative further.

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By the end of the show, the ability to revive wears off, so it never really feels like Satoru is in control. Everything in the plot works in his favor, even if he has to experience difficulties along the way. Ultimately, the victories seem more the result of the author’s will than something organic.

6/10 Hideo Suzuki is saved from the zombie hive mind

I am a hero

Hideo Suzuki is saved from mutant zombies in I am a Hero

I am a hero it’s as much a story of zombie survival as it is Hideo’s delusions. His unfortunate life situation before the zombie apocalypse already influences his mental health, but the events afterward cause him to puff up. This, combined with his ability to influence zombies, makes him believe in himself in the wrong way.

While much of his success can be attributed to his efforts, Hideo also makes many frustrating mistakes that could have harmed Japan’s human population. He would have died at the end of the manga if Hiromi hadn’t influenced the mind of the zombie hive to save him. Living through chaos is a form of success in itself, even if you groped your way.

5/10 Takumi doesn’t need to use cheats to win.

initial D

Takumi drifting in Initial D

Takumi establishes himself as the fastest and most talented pilot in initial D from the beginning. He is a virtuoso whose control over his car is unmatched. This makes him the best downhill rider in the series. The problem with this is that it becomes predictable that he will win. To overcome this, the story employs ridiculous obstacles to stop him.

Everything from cheaters, professional racers, to the even younger wise dog Takumi during the narration and Takumi fights against all of them. However, he has to do silly things like turn off his headlights to win. It is a dangerous act that is foolish to watch.

4/10 Punpun Onodera lives a normal life after all

Good night PunPun

Punpun Onodera persecuted by God in Goodnight Punpun

The last three volumes of Good night PunPun they are some of the most twisted and miserable in the entire medium. Punpun’s decline into madness and darkness was inevitable, especially after reconnecting with Aiko. Difficulties in his life make them put their plan to escape into action, but he heads south after Aiko’s mother tries to attack them. Together, the two kill her mother and flee.

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The escape plan worsens every day and has a devastating effect on both of their mental health. It culminates in a tragic conclusion. However, Punpun manages to recover afterwards. He ends up living with Sachi again and is given another chance at life.

3/10 Saichi Sugimoto avoids the flags of death

golden kamuy

Saichi Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy

the protagonist of golden kamuy he bore the epithet Immortal Sugimoto, and he lived up to it. By the end of the modern classic manga, all signs were pointing to Sugimoto’s death. There were moments in the series where characters like Ogata and Tsukishima made it clear that they would kill Sugimoto if he got in their way.

While Ogata’s speculation was a long shot, the possibility of Tsukishima killing him was completely underused. There was internal tension in Tsukishima’s character that could have led him to go this far. In that sense, the ending of the manga was a bit underdeveloped. Sugimoto came out of the final fight without having to deal with the full gauntlet.

2/10 Lucy Steel denies victory to Diego Brando

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Race

Lucy Steel from Steel Ball Run

The actual steel ball race the race ends with Diego Brando from the other universe defeating Johnny Joestar during the last stage. This is a monumental moment as Johnny has one of the strongest Stands in Tusk Act 4. Diego and The World can top that and win the race. As hard as it is for readers to accept, Diego has earned his success.

Along with the winnings from the race, Diego tries to collect the parts of the Holy Corpse. This is when Lucy Steel tricks him into disposing of the other Diego’s body part. It seems out of character for the new Diego to carelessly take Lucy’s bait, but it leads to his death. It was a desperate attempt by Lucy that somehow worked.

1/10 Tenma has a chance to counter Johan’s vision.


Johan provokes Tenma in Monster

Everything went according to Johan’s plans during the last few episodes of Monster. A rural town is massacred and most of the main characters struggle to deal with its chaos. It reaches a point where Tenma is provoked into killing Johan. This is a moral loss for Tenma, as it represents restoring life instead of taking it away.

Killing Johan will destroy Tenma as a person, and Johan understands that. He even wants it. Fortunately for him, Johan is shot by a random villager. This gives Tenma the opportunity to prove that his philosophy is correct. Despite how evil Johan is, Tenma operates on him once more to save his life. This is a complete rejection of everything Johan stands for, even if Tenma got lucky.

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