To call the relationship between Nightwing and Batgirl over and over again would be an understatement. They have had feelings for each other ever since they met. They flirted during Dick Grayson’s time as the first Robin, and have come close to being serious several times in their long friendship.

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However, Nightwing and Batgirl never canonically established their relationship as romantic until relatively recently. Nightwing is a mainstay of the DC Comics universe and Batgirl has been an invaluable member of Batman’s inner circle for years. She feels like the two of them ending up together is almost inevitable. In fact, when readers examine their relationship up close, it feels like Nightwing and Batgirl are absolutely together.

10/10 Batgirl and Nightwing grew up with towering father figures

Gotham City is not an easy place to grow up. Nightwing and Batgirl were not only raised in the DCU’s worst city, but also grew up as vigilantes with high-profile father figures. After the death of his parents, Dick Grayson became the ward of Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s richest citizen.

Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Gotham’s top cop, Jim Gordon, who is also the second biggest mob target in Gotham. As soldiers in Batman’s army, they built their own legacies to uphold, but Nightwing and Batgirl started out with legacy as a high priority in both of their lives.

9/10 Nightwing and Batgirl’s relationship is rooted in friendship

batgirl and robin

Many successful relationships start out as friendships. This is definitely the case with Nightwing and Batgirl. Dick & Babs practically grew up together as teenagers and as Batman’s partners in his roles as Batgirl and Robin, and their lives and emotions are deeply connected.

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Barbara and Dick knew each other extremely well long before they decided to act on their feelings for each other and become a couple. With friendship as the foundation of your love relationship, the chances of the two of you being perfect for each other increase exponentially.

8/10 Barbara was Dick’s first love

Batgirl and Nightwing caressing each other in DC comics

No one forgets their first love, and Dick Grayson has carried Barbara’s torch since the beginning of their relationship. He has never let go or get over the way she makes him feel.

Both Nightwing and Batgirl have broken up multiple times over the years. However, they always tend to drift back to each other. Based on that, it’s clear that Barbara has always been the one for Dick, no matter how far they’ve strayed from each other from time to time.

7/10 Dick chose Barbara over Starfire

Nightwing and Starfire kissing in DC Comics

Barbara Gordon may have been Dick Grayson’s first true love, but she’s by no means his only love. In fact, during his time leading the Teen Titans in his roles as Robin and Nightwing, it seemed like Dick was destined to end up with Starfire.

At one point, Nightwing and Starfire were engaged to be married, but it didn’t work out. Starfire is a super-powered alien princess from a distant world. All signs point to Dick Grayson choosing an ordinary human partner to build a life with.

6/10 Babs and Dick already have a dog together

Barbara and Tim name Dick's dog

One of the biggest steps any couple can take to confirm their commitment to each other is to start a family. Some couples have children, others adopt children. Pet adoption is also an important step.

The addition of Dick Grayson’s dog, Haley, affectionately named “Bitewing” by Barbara and Tim Drake, was a big step for the couple. It might not sound like a big deal, but coming home to spend time with the dog is a great incentive to keep the streets of Gotham safe. It also increases the chances of future breakups, since joint custody is hard on canines.

5/10 Barbara won’t let Dick give up on her dreams

Nightwing and Oracle talking about happiness in DC Comics

In At night #96 by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Caio Filipe, Adriano Lucas and Wes Abbott, the evil Blockbuster discovered Nightwing’s secret identity. Dick responded by proposing that he and Barbara break up for the latter’s safety.

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However, Barbara refused to give up on the relationship. She knew the risks of the superhero game, but she wasn’t about to let Dick give up on her relationship for her sake. Teamwork is as valuable a skill in relationships as it is on the battlefield, and Barbara proved to be a true team player here.

4/10 Batgirl and Nightwing survived their relationships with Batman

Batman, Robin and Batgirl from the Silver Age in DC Comics

Working with Batman is not easy. The Dark Knight has incredibly high standards for his teammates, and most of the time he doesn’t even give them the courtesy of his full trust. Despite this, both Nightwing and Batgirl maintain a healthy relationship with their mentor.

It’s easier for Dick, who grew up alongside a brooding Bruce Wayne and a violent and intense Batman. But Barbara shows the same level of respect and patience for Bruce that Dick does, and she never allows her dark side to override her own humanity.

3/10 barbara and dick grew up with normal lives

A split image of Barbara and Jim Gordon and the Flying Grayson family in DC Comics

Although they have chosen the difficult double life of crime fighters, both Batgirl and Nightwing grew up in relatively normal families. Dick may have grown up in a traveling circus, and Barbara grew up with estranged parents, but they still had a pretty normal upbringing.

All of that may have changed when they became two of Batman’s most successful protégés, but they still have that normal foundation to build on. It makes them more capable than some of their Bat-family teammates, including Batman himself, at coping with the stressful lives they’ve chosen.

2/10 Nightwing and Batgirl stand in the light

Nightwing and Batgirl swing at DC Comics

Both Nightwing and Batgirl have vowed to bring hope to a bleak community. Whether in Gotham City or in neighboring Blüdhaven, they fight crime under dire and almost hopeless circumstances. As a result, Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon are the light in each other’s lives in more ways than one.

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They have been raised to fight in the shadows and have endured more than their fair share of suffering. Through all the battles, deaths, and hardships, they managed to help each other through their desperate circumstances.

1/10 Dick Grayson vowed to always return to Batgirl

Dick Grayson promises to return to Barbara Gordon in DC Comics

Nightwing is arguably the most admired figure in the DC Universe. He is a man of unwavering integrity, and won’t give his word if he doesn’t intend to keep it. Dick and Barbara were engaged to be married once before, but Dick wasn’t ready and broke off at the last minute.

Before leaving, he made a promise to Barbara. He wrote her a letter from her promising that one day he would return to her. Strong in the face of adversity, as always, Barbara said to herself simply: “I’ll keep you on that, Grayson.” Not many people could sincerely make that promise or accept it under the circumstances. They really are meant to be together.

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