Kohei Horikoshi my hero academia has become one of the most popular shonen anime since its initial release in mid-2016. While almost every aspect of the anime is top-notch, it’s the characters that really win fans over and capture their hearts. One of the first standouts in the cast is Shoto Todoroki, the prodigious son of Endeavor who possesses an incredibly powerful half-fire half-ice Quirk.

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Having been trained from birth to be a powerful pro hero, Shoto is head and shoulders above his classmates at UA High when they all start out. This leads to a plethora of moments where Shoto can show off his abilities, stealing the spotlight and cementing himself as a powerful character in the eyes of fans.

10/10 Shoto freezes his battle test opponents.

The Battle Trial arc is one of my hero academia‘s first, showing the skill level of each student entering UA High. Shoto is a student accepted by recommendation, and the skills he displays during the battle trial do not disappoint. Along with Mezo Shoji, Shoto is assigned to defeat Ojiro and Hagakure.

Shoto takes them both out with a single ice attack, freezing their enemies in place along with the entire test building. He doesn’t give Ojiro or Hagakure any room to react, and Shoji admits that he’s essentially useless in their tag battle, as Shoto takes care of everything himself.

9/10 The awakening of Shoto’s fire quirk during the sports festival is explosive

Shoto Todoroki using his fire in My Hero Academia.

It’s not that Shoto can’t use his fire powers before the Sports Festival Tournament arc, but rather that he chooses not to as an act of rebellion against his father. Izuku then helps him mentally separate his father from his own fire powers.

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Thanks to this, Todoroki unleashes his fierce side against Midoriya holding nothing back, ultimately securing a victory. Even though Shoto later loses to Bakugo, conflicting over his powers and what they mean, this awakening is still one of my hero academia‘smost iconic moments.

8/10 Shoto appears for Iida and Midoriya at the last moment.

Midoriya, Iida and Todoroki from My Hero Academia

After Iida hunts down the Hero Killer on his own, it’s up to Izuku to try and save him. After landing himself in a narrow spot, Shoto receives a message from Izuku revealing his location, and manages to locate them just in time.

Thanks to Shoto’s appearance, both Iida and Midoriya are saved. Not only that, but the three of them manage to subdue the Hero Killer on their own, largely due to the creative combination of Iida and Shoto’s Quirks.

7/10 Shoto starts moving forward with his father.

Endeavor hugging Shoto, My Hero Academia

Moving on with a parent who has been the source of one’s suffering can be a near impossible challenge, but Shoto can do it over time. Taking an internship at his father’s agency, Shoto gains a better understanding of what it means to be a top-tier professional hero despite his rocky relationship.

Over time, Endeavor begins to change as well, making an effort to apologize to Shoto and make up for his past mistakes. Shoto is under no obligation to accept Endeavor’s apology, but he does, displaying extreme levels of emotional strength and maturity.

6/10 Shoto Gets a Creative Edge in the Obstacle Course

Shoto running on ice, My Hero Academia

During the Sports Festival obstacle course, every second counts for those who want to finish on top. Just as the race begins, the students are blocked by a group of large robots, which Shoto easily freezes before running past.

Initially, this sounds like an advantage to his fellow competitors, but Shoto freezes the robots in a way that causes them to collapse, blocking the way for everyone else. It doesn’t take long for other students to break through using their Quirks, but Shoto still earns himself a few moments to take the lead with this trick.

5/10 Shoto becomes strong enough to fend off Dabi

Shoto vs. Dabi, My Hero Academia manga

Before Shoto, Dabi was originally trained to become Endeavor’s successor. Dabi’s body couldn’t handle his Fire Quirk, but he was never able to overcome Endeavor’s influence, making him the villain fans know him today. By the time the Second War arrives, Shoto is strong enough to hold his own against his older brother.

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Even though Dabi’s Fire Quirk is technically more powerful, Shoto can overwhelm it using his dominance over his Ice side. Freezing several city blocks at once, Shoto successfully overwhelms Dabi, rendering his flames useless.

4/10 Shoto freezes a large group of villains during the USJ incident

Shoto freezing a group of villains, My Hero Academia

For many UA Academy students in Midoriya’s year, the USJ incident is their first real brush with villainy. Despite this, many students are able to keep their cool and put on a stellar performance, with Shoto, in particular, standing out. Ending up in the Landslide Zone, Shoto quickly freezes the area and all the villains within.

Shoto would have easily been able to kill these villains as he could have left them to freeze to death. Instead, Shoto spares their lives in exchange for information about the villains’ plan, showing a high level of cunning in using their lives as a bargaining chip.

3/10 Shoto declares war on Midoriya in front of his classmates.

Shoto declaring war on Izuku, My Hero Academia

The Sports Festival is just as important to Shoto as it is to Izuku, as both have top Pro Hero figures watching over their performance. Izuku wants to live up to All Might’s expectations, while Shoto wants to rise to the top without resorting to using his Fire Quirk.

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Knowing that All Might has his eyes on Izuku, Shoto sets out to challenge him in front of his classmates. This is also a sure statement of victory, as Shoto openly states that he will get the win against Izuku specifically.

2/10 Shoto Freezes Iida’s Engines To Secure A Last Second Victory

Shoto VS Iida at the Sports Festival, My Hero Academia

Shoto’s fight against Midoriya isn’t the only intense matchup he’s starring in during the Sports Festival. After securing a victory against Izuku, Shoto battles Iida in the semifinals and is nearly propelled out of bounds by Iida’s engines.

Thinking quickly, Shoto is able to freeze Iida’s engines directly, causing them to stop. Shoto realized that he couldn’t dodge one of Iida’s kicks, so he used the moment of direct contact in his favor. He wins by completely immobilizing Iida, freezing her body and rendering him unable to act.

1/10 Shoto forgives and reconciles with his mother

Shoto visiting Rei in the hospital, My Hero Academia

Shoto initially avoids reconciling with Rei, but this is because Shoto believes that seeing him would only cause her pain. On the contrary, Rei is delighted that her son forgives her and wants to spend time with her again.

The scar Shoto receives from his mother understandably occurs after she breaks down under the weight of Endeavor’s abuse and lashes out at Shoto for looking like him. Still, Shoto was under no obligation to reconnect with her and shows a high level of emotional maturity in doing so.

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