DC Comics has created iconic superheroes, many of whom are quite intelligent. This is very important, as often your enemies have both brains and strength. DC’s villains can challenge anyone to a game of wits, and there have been times when their plans have stumped even the smartest heroes, leaving them on the defensive as they try to outmaneuver their enemies’ advantages.

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With the fate of the entire multiverse often at stake, DC’s mightiest heroes have found themselves fooled by their enemies in a variety of ways. The fact that they have been able to come back and succeed is a testament to their ingenuity.

10/10 Zod used his son to get out of the Phantom Zone.

superman: the last son of krypton, by Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and Adam Kubert, stands out among the best Superman stories. A young Kryptonian crash-landed in the middle of Metropolis, and Superman took responsibility for him, even releasing him from government custody. Clark and Lois considered adopting the child, but there was more to it than met the eye.

The boy was actually Lor Zod and was part of his father’s attempt to escape the Phantom Zone. Zod, Ursa, and Non were able to free themselves and led an attack on Earth, defeating Superman and the world’s heroes. Lor Zod was just a pawn in his father’s game.

9/10 Mordru was able to trick Doctor Fate

DC Comics Mordru smiling

Mordru’s threat brought the Justice Society back together, with the new Doctor Fate Hector Hall imprisoning the Lord of Chaos in his amulet. Unfortunately, this played right into Mordru’s hand. From within the amulet, Mordru was able to trick the new Doctor Fate in multiple ways, acting as a remorseful villain trying to make amends.

His best trick was to overpower Nabu and take his place. This was not an easy task and he showed just how cunning Mordru was. He may have lost to the Justice Society early on, but it put him in position to attack the team’s form, something neither of them expected.

8/10 Maxwell Lord spent years fooling everyone in the Justice League

Maxwell Lord prepares to shoot Blue Beetle in DC Comics

Maxwell Lord played the long game with the Justice League. Apparently a greedy businessman who was more of a jester than anything else, no one suspected that Max might be up to something more criminal than embezzlement or some other white collar crime. Lord, however, had fooled everyone, his place in the Justice League the perfect cover for his true motives.

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Lord placed himself at the center of the metahuman community to learn all he could about them. He was secretly working with Checkmate the whole time and rose to the rank of Black King. Using what he learned, along with the Brother Eye satellite and his OMAC, Lord launched an attack on the heroes.

7/10 Hush and The Riddler pulled the wool over Batman’s eyes

Batman on the left and Hush on the right split image

Batman is a top notch vigilante, known for his detective skills, but even he can be fooled at times. This is what happened when Hush came to town. The villain was Tommy Elliot, an old childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, who was out for revenge against his old friend. Hush teamed up with the Riddler and the two worked together against Batman.

From little things like healing Two-Face to bribing Batman’s old friend Harold, the two led the Caped Crusader on a merry chase across Gotham. Hush and the Riddler showed Batman that no matter how good he was, there was always someone better.

6/10 The murders at Sanctuary stumped the planet’s greatest heroes

The Wally West Sanctuary Massacre in DC Comics

Wally West has grown a lot over the years, but DC did a lot of bad things to his character in the 2010s. A big one was making him the killer of the patients at Sanctuary, a superhero mental health facility. It wasn’t a malicious act, and it was later revealed to be a surge of the Speed ​​Force and not his fault, but he still did his best to cover it up.

He was able to fool Batman’s security systems and even used the release of the facility’s records to the media as misdirection. Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold were finally able to solve the whole mystery and succeeded where the greatest minds in the Justice League failed.

5/10 Sue Dibny’s murder stumped top superhero detectives

The Death of Sue Dibny from DC Comics Identity Crisis

The Justice League’s darkest secrets were exposed with the murder of Sue Dibny. Jean Loring was Atom’s ex-wife and wanted her husband back with her, so she used an old costume of him to attack Sue Dibny, shrinking herself down and traveling through the phone line. Unfortunately, he was too big when he landed on Sue’s brain and killed her.

Jean covered up the crime and escaped, sending threats to the families of the Justice League members, faking an attack on herself, and paying Captain Boomerang to assassinate Jack Drake. Jean had the entire superhero community looking at everyone but her, fooling the best detectives.

4/10 Darkseid was able to hide his takeover plans until it was too late

Darkseid wields the anti-life equation in DC Comics' Final Crisis.

Despite what it seems, the Justice League makes mistakes and when they do, they can be devastating. After the destruction of their bodies, Darkseid and his minions were able to take over the bodies on Earth and Oa, and began testing the Anti-Life Equation. He then captured Batman and took him to D Command in Blüdhaven, while the Alpha Lanterns arrested Hal Jordan.

Superman was also taken off the board, sent to Bleed looking for a way to save his wife, and Darkseid hit with the Anti-Life Equation. Suddenly, half of humanity became slaves to Darkseid, his plan working perfectly.

3/10 The Anti-Monitor had one last trick for the heroes.

DC Comics heroes battle the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths

The war against the Anti-Monitor tested the heroes of the multiverse like no other conflict. Eventually, the heroes came up with a two-pronged plan, sending a group of villains into Oa’s past to prevent Krona from witnessing the creation of the universe while attacking the Anti-Monitor at the dawn of time. They were able to stop the Anti-Monitor, or so they think.

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After the conflict, everyone woke up to an Earth that seemed to have always been one, but there were strange little things that reveal it to be a trick. The Anti-Monitor brought this Earth into the antimatter dimension, finally ready to devour the last remaining positive matter on Earth.

2/10 Pariah showed how little the heroes were ready for a concerted attack

Social image from DC Comics' Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths 6, featuring Pariah attacked by DC's greatest heroes

What dark crisis on infinite earths calms down, it’s easy to see how easily Pariah fooled the heroes. The Justice League was lured into a daredevil against his Dark Army, imprisoning them on alternate Earths where he could harvest their energies and use them to reclaim the old multiverse. On Earth, he got Deathstroke and a new Secret Society to start their own war against the heroes.

Pariah was one step ahead of everyone for most of the conflict. Eventually, his plans were exposed, but it was only after he had mostly succeeded. The return of the Justice League spelled the end of his plans, but the damage had already been done.

1/10 Alexander Luthor kept everyone on their toes

Alexander Luthor and Superboy Prime in DC Comics

infinite crisis it was a great test for the heroes. Alexander Luthor and Superboy-Prime, working from their other-dimensional home, were able to make their way into the DC Universe and set a series of plans. From Alexander impersonating Lex to rebuild the Secret Society of Super Villains, using Eclipso to manipulate the Specter into destroying magic, making Brother Eye work with Checkmate, opening a path between Rann and Thanagar, and moving the center of the universe, they had the upper hand

The division sown between the Trinity was further worsened by recent events. The heroes were finally able to figure out what was going on, but they almost lost everything.

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