Astrological signs are always a fun way for fans to connect with their favorite characters. If fans share one of the twelve zodiac signs with their beloved anime heroes, they will feel more connected to them. Most of the time, anime characters match their zodiac signs quite well, and it’s almost amazing how much they embody the personality quirks associated with them.

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However, there are many beloved anime heroes who do not fit their zodiac sign at all. They may have one or two similar qualities associated with their given zodiac sign, but would otherwise be better suited to another sign entirely.

12/12 Aries: Jean Kirstein

attack on titan

attack on titanJean Kirstein, born April 7, is an Aries. Typically characterized by a hot-headed disposition and unabashed impulsiveness, Aries is one of the most passionate zodiac signs. Although Jean definitely shares qualities with his sign, she may be more suitable for a Taurus.

Although they don’t seem similar at first, Aries and Taurus are much more alike than different. They are both stubborn and hate sitting around doing nothing. Unlike the fiery Aries, however, Taurus are not as impulsive. Unlike Eren, a full-blooded Aries, Jean is much more suitable for Taurus, a bit more level-headed.

11/12 Taurus: Tohru Honda

Fruit basquet

Tohru Honda is happy in a room (Fruits Basket).

Fruit basquetTohru Honda, born on May 6, is a Taurus. Taurus are down to earth and generally have a good work ethic. Although Tohru embodies the sign in some ways, she may be more suited to the sign of Cancer rather than Taurus. Unlike Taurus, Cancer is a fixed sign and its people tend to be natural leaders.

Like Tohru, Cancerians are highly emotional, perceptive, and stubborn in their quest to get closer to others. Although Tohru epitomizes Taurus attributes such as an intense work ethic and humility, it’s clear that the highly empathetic Cancer is a much better fit for her.

10/12 Gemini: Koshi Sugawara


Sugawara from Haikyuu!

Haikyuu!‘s Koshi Sugawara, born June 13, is a Gemini. Geminis are known for their dualistic nature and their love of gossip. They are social butterflies who do not engage in any specific hobby or activity for long. Like a typical Gemini, Sugawara is friendly and always upbeat.

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However, Virgo suits him a little better. While Geminis are harder to pin down, Virgos have an intense work ethic that makes it hard for them to walk away from something once they’ve started. They are practical and always strive to improve their skills, often encouraging others in the process.

9/12 Cancer: Denki Kaminari

my hero academia

Kaminari Denki in My Hero Academia.

my hero academiaDenki Kaminari, born June 29, is Cancer. Cancers are generally introverts who struggle to get close to others, often keeping everyone at arm’s length until they are sure they can be trusted. Highly empathetic and excellent at reading a room, Cancerians are perceptive and attuned to everyone’s emotions.

Kaminari is definitely not a Cancer. Based on his personality, this electrifying hero is much more suitable for the Gemini air sign. Much like a Gemini, Kaminari is outgoing, a bit fickle, and enjoys having a good time. He can be a bit tactless and absolutely hates studying, but he still wants to become a great hero.

8/12 Leo: Saiki Kusuo

The disastrous life of Saiki K.

Saiki frowning in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Leos are known for stealing the spotlight and looking for every opportunity to do so. Saiki, however, absolutely hates being the center of attention. Along the The disastrous life of Saiki K.the main protagonist spends a lot of time trying to stay out of the spotlight and avoid the attention of his peers.

Born on August 16, the stars say that Saiki is Leo. However, it does not fit the description on the poster at all. He is much more suitable for Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius. Saiki does things his way and doesn’t want anyone else bothering him. He doesn’t mind receiving widespread praise or admiration simply because he doesn’t want it.

7/12 Virgo: Emma

The promised neverland

Emma panics in The Promised Neverland.

The promised neverlandEmma, ​​born on August 22, is a Virgo. Like a typical Virgo, Emma is a hard worker. However, that is the only thing she has in common with her given astrological sign. Emma’s personality is that of a natural leader. She is fiery, independent, and can gather a crowd like no other kid her age.

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Emma is much more suitable for Aries. As an Aries, Emma is never afraid to take the first steps towards her goals. Emma pulled an entire group of children out of an orphanage, so it’s clear that she has the leadership qualities associated with the fierce cardinal sign.

6/12 Pound: Joseph Joestar

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Jostar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures

Joseph Joestar, born on September 27, is a Libra. Along the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Joseph has proven to be the complete opposite of the diplomatic air sign. Libras are generally calm, friendly, and enjoy creating harmony in their environment. On the other hand, Joseph is a chaotic man who looks for every opportunity to get rid of his responsibilities.

Joseph is much more suitable for the fiery Sagittarius. Like a typical Sagittarius, Joseph hates to commit to one thing or person and cannot be tied down. Unlike Libra, Joseph has no real work ethic and even admits that he hates the concept of working hard.

5/12 Scorpio: Tengen Uzui

Murderer of demons

Tengen Uzui - Demon Slayer

Murderer of demonsTengen Uzui of Tengen Uzui, born on October 31, is a Scorpio. While Scorpios are intense and prefer to lurk in the shadows, Uzui prefers to make a big scene and strives to be the flashiest person on the planet. Like Sound Hashira, Tengen is as eccentric as all of his teammates.

It’s pretty clear that Tengen is much more suitable for Leo than Scorpio. Both fixed signs, Scorpio and Leo are stubborn in their goals and loyal to the people they care about. However, Leos are generally more outgoing than Scorpios, and people are naturally drawn to them.

4/12 Sagittarius: Ken Kaneki

horror in tokyo

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.

horror in tokyoKen Kaneki of Ken, born on December 20, is a Sagittarius. Sagittarius are generally considered to be outgoing and spontaneous. Perpetually optimistic and naturally talented at socializing, Sagittarius are easy to get along with. Although Kaneki shares some qualities with his astrological sign, he is much more suitable for Pisces.

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Kaneki represents the darker side of Pisces. A mutable sign like Sagittarius, Pisces are in touch with their emotions and tend to act recklessly when mentally challenged. Kaneki admits that her life is a tragedy at the beginning of the series, but like a typical Pisces, he makes her all her identity and wallows in self-pity for a while.

3/12 Capricorn: Gaara


Gaara holding his eye on Naruto.

Born on January 19, Gaara of naruto is capricorn. Capricorns are defined by a domineering personality, intense work ethic, and isolating themselves from other people. Gaara embodies all of these things, but his dark personality is much more suitable for Scorpio. At the start of the series, Gaara represented the worst of Scorpios: vindictive, depressed, and unable to trust anyone.

However, Scorpio is a sign of transformation and change through upheaval, which is something Gaara went through. After realizing that Naruto was a lot like him during their fight, Gaara became a much better person and now embodies more positive Scorpio traits such as loyalty and perseverance.

2/12 Aquarius: Maki Zenin

jujutsu kaisen

Maki Zenin - Jujutsu Kaisen

Born on January 20, Maki Zenin of jujutsu kaisen is Aquarius. She embodies some of the sign’s traits, such as her fierce independence and her unique way of doing things. However, Maki’s personality is much more suitable for Scorpio.

Scorpios are associated with revenge, but they are not reckless in their pursuit. Maki represents the positive side of Scorpio’s revenge, as she always worked hard to become a great jujutsu sorcerer and prove her clan wrong. Maki’s headstrong personality made her a natural leader to her fellow second-years and first-year jujutsu high.

1/12 Pisces: Yuri Plisetsky

Yuri!!! On ice

Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!!!  On ice

Yuri!!! On ice‘s Yuri Plisetsky, born March 1, is a Pisces. However, he doesn’t look anything like his astrological sign. He wasn’t even born on the Aries cusp, but he perfectly embodies the sign’s rage. Unlike the stereotypically passive Pisces, Yuri is a very passionate skater who fights fiercely for what he wants.

Always yelling obscenities and cursing at someone, Yuri’s explosive personality earned him the nickname “Russian punk.” However, Yuri’s aggressive personality hides his deep inferiority complex. He trains harder than most people because he doesn’t want to be left behind, especially since he wants to impress Victor.

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