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Tiny Thor It is an upcoming accurate platform game, featuring 16-bit graphics in retro style, developed by Asylum Square And I published it Gameforge Company. In this game, players will control a Norse hero, bullwhich has just been awarded with the hammer Mjolnir by Odin. The gameplay centers around the use of Mjölnir, which guides Thor through increasingly difficult levels filled with a variety of obstacles.

As of now, no specific release date has been announced for Tiny Thor But it is expected to be released sometime in the future The second quarter of 2023 to PC and Nintendo Switch. Tiny Thor released a new trailer, highlighting the game items, as well as some of the game’s enemies and levels. Take a look at the Tiny Thor game trailer, “Waiting for Ragnarok,” from IndieForge’s official YouTube:

Tiny Thor Interspersed with exhilarating boss battles that will test the son of Odin. Each kingdom features a host of formidable foes who are motivated to thwart Thor’s rise to godhood.

Mjölnir’s hammer can be freely pointed and bounce off surfaces and enemies, enabling all kinds of trick strikes. It can also be used for Solve environmental puzzles use it as well recoil off of things to defeat enemies in unique ways. Thor will be able to master various rebounding hammer throws, and will use these newly acquired skills to explore further. 30 handcrafted levels that spread across Three separate worldseach with its own set of vicious and challenging bosses.

Tiny Thor It provides a sense of familiarity that attracts fans of retro games while being unique in its own right. This 16-bit platform game combines classic gameplay with modern mechanics, including precise controls and fast movement. Tiny Thor starts out as a relatively simple platformer and evolves as players acquire different skills.

You can add Tiny Thor to a file steam And Epic Games Store The Wish List is now alerted when it becomes available for PC.


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