The game, which is still in Early Access, has a long way to go before it can be a full release, with all the necessary content to keep you busy and lively, plus the promised free mechanics (whether you want it or not). want). them or not). And of course, the developers at Gameloft are constantly fixing many bugs, crashes, and other issues that have been reported by players over the past few months of Early Access.

But we’re not here to discuss bugs today, because that’s boring. Even with the game’s currently unfinished state, we’ve loved our time in Dreamlight Valley… but we have some ideas we’d love to bring to the next town council meeting.

So here are 25 changes, additions, and tweaks we’d love to see in the next big Disney Dreamlight Valley update, all of which would make the experience even better. Take note, Gameloft!

More things to do outdoors

Image: Nintendo Life

There’s just not much to actually do in Disney Dreamlight Valley except crafting, cooking, farming, fishing and talking. We really hope Gameloft adds a few more activities, because some of the furniture in the game is beautiful. It would be nice if we (and the villagers) could interact with them more!

Some potential ideas:

  • throw coins into the well
  • sitting in the jacuzzi
  • Get on the hot air balloon
  • Interact with burger/ice cream stand

best critters

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

At the moment, the companion animals in the game are generic animals (squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, etc.) with different colors, and all they do is follow you around. Wouldn’t it be great to have more Disney specific animals in the game, that really helped you in some way? They might even pick things up on the floor for what we care about. Let them do something!

Also, there are a lot of Disney critters that would make great companions: Pascal, Meeko, Hei-Hei… instead of just, you know, Generic Squirrel #3.

In a hurry

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

Why is our character so slow?? For the love of all things Mickey, let’s run around the place! Or give us a horse or a skateboard or whatever is allowed in the land of Disney! We do not care! We are so tired of walking everywhere.

Improvements for male characters and players.

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

At this time, the clothing and furniture options in the game are very aimed at a specific player, and that player likes to wear dresses and have a shiny house. It is genderless, anyone with any complexion can wear a dress, but for those who want more masculine clothing options and a decidedly less bright house, not many options.

Boys like Disney too, you know? We’d love to see a bit of Star Wars, maybe more costume options and maybe more log cabin-like furniture.

A shorter day/night cycle

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

Many things in Disney Dreamlight Valley are tied to the current time, making it really difficult for those of us who have jobs! When it’s dark, many of the characters are asleep, making it difficult to complete the quests. Y it’s harder to see things. Also, some critters only appear in ridiculously early time slots… and as fun as Dreamlight Valley can be, we’re not that dedicated.

More interactive furniture

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

Right now, we can sit on chairs and beds, but we can’t light fireplaces, sleep on beds, open sinks, check our appearance in mirrors, or… well, basically anything that isn’t sitting. We would love to see more animations added to the game to bring the world and furniture to life, because the models are really detailed and beautiful, so we want to appreciate them more!

useful doors

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

There are two types of interior doors in Dreamlight Valley:

  • Usable doors (which cannot be moved or edited)
  • Decorative doors (which cannot be used)

Hear us out: What if we could replace the usable doors with the decorative doors, and they were usable? We don’t want the basic boring doors in our houses! They do not match the decor!

More music

If we have to listen to the song MIC, KEY one more time, we are going to pull our hair out. And why do all the songs in the game sound like the lullaby version? Give us something punchy, and give us more variety, and maybe we won’t go crazy before the next update comes out.

After all, there is a fantastic variety of songs in the Disney library. To get mad!

cook in bulk

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

We understand that Disney Dreamlight Valley limits how much we can cook at one time so the in-game economy doesn’t completely break with people making millions from pumpkin soup, but… at least let us cook five meals at once, in place of one Animal Crossing: New Horizons made this mistake with Fish Bait, and we’ll never forgive it; now is the time for Gameloft to fix that bug!

upper level limits

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

Right now, we can only get to level 40 as a character and level 10 as a friend. We’re pretty sure this is just a temporary level cap, but we hit these caps a long time ago, and we’re ready to progress further!

Also, a lot of the rewards for things in the game (the restaurant, quests, gift giving) are tied to friendship and XP, which is a waste of time when there’s a level cap.

better roads

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

The way the routing system works right now is a bit of a nightmare. Admittedly, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was just as slow and limited, and we let ACNH get away with it, right? But the roads in Dreamlight Valley are all so straight and boring!

Give us some variety, let us make curvy paths, and give us the ability to line the paths with something more attractive than those little rocks. Also, can we put plants closer to paths and put paths under things like fountains please?

Get rid of the furniture

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

In our inventory, we have a lot of junk. It’s the furniture from the beginning of the game: the broken windows, the threadbare curtains, and the cobwebbed lights. If we were going for a haunted house vibe that would be fine, but for those of us who don’t, it would be nice to get them out of our inventories once and for all.

Let’s sell the old stuff to Scrooge, or take it apart for materials, either would be great!

better storage

25 Things Disney Dreamlight Valley Update
Image: Nintendo Life

The storage chests in the game are TOO SMALL. Everyone who has played Dreamlight Valley for more than a few hours has realized that the only solution at the moment is to have a dedicated storage room, full of chests, which is an organizational nightmare!

If we were to suggest a few changes that would greatly improve the storage system, they would be:

  • Give us the ability to sort by color/type/name
  • Let’s use refrigerators, dressers and cabinets to store items.
  • Make the chests in different colors.
  • let’s stack the meals
  • Increase stack limit from 50 to 99

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