If you are looking to make friends or just have some fun, you might want to check out TTD 3 (Tiktock Dance 3)! You will be able to buy brand new emotes and sync them with your friends. Play some cool music and buy props for your character to make them look cool!

If you are looking for freebies, you can find them on our website TTD codes 3 existing. If you are not sure how to redeem codes in TTD 3You can find out how to do it under the list of icons! Make sure to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard or use the Add to Bookmark button on mobile.

We cover all things Roblox! If your avatar is in need of some new clothes, hair, or something else, you can find some cool new stuff on Roblox’s Free Items page. If you’re looking for more free codes and offers, be sure to check out our pages for Demon Slayer RPG 2, Project Slayers Codes, Anime Racing Clicker Codes, and Punch Monster Simulator Codes!

We have verified that there are new codes on May 5th, 2023! You can find all current free offers in the list below.

All TTD Codes 3

  • WOOPWOOP – Redeem code to get free codes (NEW)
  • sarcastic – Redeem free tokens
  • Easter Bunny – Redeem free tokens
  • Habyapril – Redeem free tokens
  • Shamrock – Redeem free tokens
  • Rocky – Redeem free tokens
  • blingbling – Redeem free tokens
  • Totserol – Redeem free tokens
  • Dance – Redeem free tokens
  • crossing – Redeem free tokens
  • New Year 2023 – Redeem free tokens
  • AGIFTFROMUS Redeem the code for a free reward
  • 2023 – Redeem free tokens
  • Wednesday – Redeem free tokens
  • STURDYV2 – Redeem 300 Tokens
  • Secret Santa – Redeem 300 Tokens
  • Halloween 2022 – Redeem 1000 Tokens

Find codes for a bunch of other games on the Roblox game codes page.


  • autumn – Redeem free tokens
  • Back to school – Redeem free tokens
  • hot days – Redeem free tokens
  • Blocks – Redeem free tokens
  • Presets – Redeem free tokens
  • GR4FF1T1 – Redeem free tokens
  • Pride 2022 – Redeem free tokens
  • subway – Redeem free tokens
  • Easter 2022 – Redeem free tokens
  • Joy Ride – Redeem free tokens
  • demountable – Redeem free tokens
  • Valentine’s Day 2022 – Redeem free tokens
  • a movement – Redeem the code for 150 free tokens
  • the sky is blue – Redeem free tokens
  • Welcome 2022 – Redeem the code for 200 free tokens
  • Christmas 2021 – Redeem the code for 300 free tokens
  • Chapter 3 – Redeem free tokens
  • winter! – Redeem free tokens
  • VOICECHATON – Redeem free tokens
  • halovemper – Redeem free tokens
  • ttd3ontop – Redeem free tokens
  • #TTD3 – Redeem free tokens
  • HBD Evan! – Redeem the code for 50 free tokens
  • the tool – Redeem the code for 100 free tokens
  • thousand requests – Redeem the code for 100 free tokens
  • AHARDRESET – Redeem the code for 200 free tokens
  • happy – Redeem the code for 300 free tokens
  • be there – Redeem the code for 150 free tokens
  • #TTD31BIL – Redeem the code for 200 free tokens
  • threads – Redeem the code for 200 free tokens
  • Follow us – Redeem the code for 150 free tokens
  • to examine – Redeem the code for 200 free tokens
  • Friedrich Naumann Foundation – Redeem the code for 200 free tokens
  • independence – Redeem the symbol for the flag of the United States of America
  • summer – Redeem the code for 100 tokens
  • forefront – Redeem the code for 100 tokens
  • 2 million – Redeem the code for 150 tokens

Frequently asked questions about TTD 3

How do you redeem tokens in TTD 3?

To redeem a token, you need to go to the shopping area and talk to the Prop Shop NPC who is in the foreground. Then click the Twitter button to open the code redemption window. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and hit redeem to get your reward!

How do I get more tokens for TTD 3?

To find more icons, be sure to follow Emotes CO. on Twitter, who is the developer of the game. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all the latest icons, so be sure to bookmark the page!

These are all the icons that we have currently included Roblox TTD 3. If you see one that’s missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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