Harley Quinn has proven to be a wonderfully versatile character for DC Comics. Harleen Quinzel is so uniquely eccentric that she taps into the crazy in every reader who experiences her visions with her. From humble beginnings as a sidekick to the Joker, Harley has since grown so far beyond to accumulate a fanbase all her own.

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She’s no longer remembered as the Clown Prince’s girlfriend, but as a fan-favorite member of Task Force X (better known as the Suicide Squad), the loving partner of Poison Ivy, and an antihero who breaks bread with the mightiest of heroes. Regardless of her growth, Harley still conspires with the bad guys from time to time to accomplish a myriad of crimes across her different iterations. She doesn’t discriminate: Harley will partner with gals, gangsters, or goons on her road to “fantabulous” emancipation.

9 Harley Leads The Quinntets [New Earth]

Harley’s first act post-Joker is to put together a group of henchmen to display her prowess as a crime boss. She succeeds in putting together a gang in Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson’s Harley Quinn #4, made up of the colorfully-named Lewis LeBeau, Buster, Kenny Two-Bear, and Nix Two-Bear. While initially a five-person group, the Quinntets suffer the loss of Lester Wilde, but end up being completely fine with it. It’s implied that it’s due to his insistence that he looks like the Joker, a habit that would certainly annoy Harley. The Quinntets would last 21 issues before finally disbanding in Harley Quinn #25.

8 Catwoman Employs Harley To Get Revenge On Hush

In one of the more enjoyable bits of synergy between DC’s antiheroes and villains, Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen’s Detective Comics #850 follows Catwoman as she plans to exact revenge on Hush for attacking her and subsequently removing her heart from her body. Ludicrous though it may be, this happened.

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Selina Kyle sets her sights on Hush’s alter ego, the billionaire Thomas Elliot. To aid her in her mission, she recruits Harley Quinn to steal Elliot’s fortune that he keeps tucked away inside a bank vault. Catwoman also enlists the help of Oracle and Poison Ivy in this scheme.

7 Harley And The Riddler Play Detective

Bruce Wayne has fallen yet Batman must continue – so rages the Battle of the Cowl, a pivotal DC event that touched every corner of Gotham. Christopher Yost and Pablo Raimondi chart the Riddler’s efforts in Battle for the Cowl: The Underground, who has taken up detective work in the wake of Batman’s disappearance. Tasked by the Penguin to find the Black Mask, Riddler enlists Harley Quinn to tag along.

She pulls her weight when Poison Ivy appears and nearly kills the Riddler before her protest. Readers are confronted with the reappearance of Batman with a more lethal tactical approach, something that confuses Catwoman in her fight against him. It’s eventually revealed that the impostor is none other than Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne’s violent protege and second Robin.

6 Poison Ivy Is Harley’s Best Friend And Companion

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy first work together during the Battle for the Cowl, but the friendship born of Gotham’s identity crisis turns out to be a gift for comic writers. The two characters have natural chemistry and a warm dynamic that brings them back together again and again. When Harley’s pet hyenas are kidnapped in Derek Fridolfs and Peter Nguyen’s Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Catwoman #1, Ivy joins her friend in rescuing them. As part of the New 52 relaunch, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner’s Harley Quinn #2 depicts the two freeing the dogs in an animal shelter who are slated to be euthanized. It’s a wonderful team-up that readers hope to see continue for years to come.

5 Harley Is A Recurring Member Of The Suicide Squad [Prime Earth]

She may not be an original member of DC’s Suicide Squad lineup, but Harley is the villain most synonymous with Task Force X. In nearly every interpretation of the team since the New 52’s debut in 2011, Harley has been a stalwart member that acts serves as the group’s common thread through all its roster upheavals.

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Through her association with Task Force X, Harley has had the pleasure of working with names such as Deadshot, King Shark, Black Manta, and of course, Captain Boomerang (another staple of the Squad). Her popularity as part of the team is reflected in her recent cinematic outings, particularly 2021’s The Suicide Squad.

4 Harley Assembles The Gang Of Harleys

Similar to her New Earth counterpart’s Quinntets, Prime Earth’s Harley recruits several members for her newly-christened Gang of Harleys. First convened in Palmiotti and Conner’s Harley Quinn #16, the group is Harley’s way of cleaning up Brooklyn so that she doesn’t have to see to it herself. All in all, it’s simply a way for Harley to get more time to herself. While put together under the most Harley of motivations, the group winds up reinforcing readers’ image of independently-minded Harley in their minds: she can lead and move out from under the thumb of Joker and the entirety of the Batman mythos.

3 The Batman Who Laughs MAY Have Partnered With Harley [Earth-22]

The Batman Who Laughs is perhaps the most haunting alternate version of the Caped Crusader readers have received in decades. Driven to madness by the Joker of his world, Batman breaks his archenemy’s neck but not without a twist… Joker exhales a toxin upon his death and Bruce inhales it, eventually transforming into the murderous Batman Who Laughs.

A brief flashback in Benjamin Percy and Joshua Williamson’s Green Arrow #32 unveils an interesting bit of history for Laughs: he may have worked with the Harleen Quinzel of his world. Laughs isn’t the most reliable of narrators given his mania-addled nature, so this remains an open question as to its legitimacy.

2 Harley, Killer Croc, And Clayface (Among Others) Get Ahold Of Alfred [Earth-44]

Another trip into the DC Multiverse shows readers Earth-44, a twisted world where Harley Quinn manages to kill Alfred alongside Bane, Clayface, Killer Croc, and Two-Face. Frank Tieri and James Tynion IV tell the story of a Batman driven mad by guilt over his inability to protect his surrogate father.

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This results in a computer program dedicated to Bruce Wayne’s protection, even if it means from himself; the results, presented in Batman: The Murder Machine #1, are quite disturbing as this program murders every criminal in Arkham (presumably Harley included) and even the Justice League after taking over Bruce’s mind entirely.

1 Harley And Lex Luthor Co-Develop The Ridealongs [Gotham City Garage]

In a mixing of mythologies, Harley joins forces with Superman’s archnemesis, Lex Luthor, in Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing’s Gotham City Garage. Putting her psychological expertise to use, she calibrates Lex’s mind-control devices to not drive the victim completely insane. Once she sees that Lex’s devices render people incapable of free love or thought, she rebels against her employer by sabotaging the devices at the cost of her sanity. She breaks out amidst a riot she initiates, taking on the moniker of Harley Quinn. A unique origin story that doesn’t involve the Joker in any way, Gotham City Garage successfully manages to reinvent the antihero.

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