Final Fantasy XIV’s original release in 2010 was rocky, to say the least. The original graphics and soundtrack were met with praise, but the rest of the game felt unfinished. The original servers were shut down in 2012, but this didn’t mean the team’s vision for the MMO was completely dead. Instead, the leadership of the development team was replaced with the now-beloved Naoki Yoshida – affectionately referred to as Yoshi-P – and FFXIV would go on to see massive success after the release of A Realm Reborn.

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As of the time of writing this, it’s been close to a decade since the new-and-improved version first launched. Fans have had plenty of time to sink their teeth into Eorzea and beyond. Over time, there have developed plenty of widely-followed rules that the community sticks by – though no one outwardly talks about them.

9 Don’t Run In Front Of The Tank During Dungeons

When players are progressing through the main story, a majority of the dungeons involve partying up with others to make a four-man group. These groups consist of a tank, a healer, and two DPS classes. One thing that players will learn extremely fast is to never run in front of one’s tank. It’s possible to end up pulling aggro from mobs, and both healers and DPS are far too squishy to be able to survive doing so. If the tank isn’t close enough and able to take their attention away fast enough, this can quickly end in a wipe for the entire party.

8 End-Of-Dungeon Commendations Should Almost Always Go To The Tanks And Healers

At the end of instanced content with other players, everyone gets a chance to commend another player who they feel brought a lot to the group. While it might be tempting as a DPS player to throw your commendation to a fellow DPS, it’s a widely unspoken-yet-followed rule that these should almost always go to the tank or healer.

After all, DPS players aren’t able to maximize their damage without a tank who knows how to pull properly and manage their cooldowns or a healer who can keep them alive if they fail to dodge mechanics. This may seem unfair to damage-dealing players, but every character has access to every class, so they’ll get their fair share of commendations in time.

7 Please, Watch A Video Explaining Mechanics Before Jumping Into Endgame Raids Or Trials

It might be tempting to jump right into a party for endgame content – typically labeled Extreme or Savage – to try to get the ultra-glamorous weapon or gear drops they contain. However, doing so can quickly result in a lot of moaning and groaning from fellow party members if a player’s unprepared.

It’s a widely-followed unspoken rule that if someone’s going to try endgame content, it’s imperative to watch a video guide online explaining the mechanics beforehand. Some of them are quite fast and many don’t even have clear visual tells if one doesn’t know what to look for, and parties are going to get tired very quickly of constantly explaining and wiping to mechanics because someone didn’t study up.

6 Make Sure You’re Keeping Up With Your Gear Scores

It can be incredibly tempting to rush into content as soon as a player unlocks it, but this isn’t the best way to go about things. This is especially true every ten levels. Once a player hits 50, they don’t have an excuse to not be upgrading their gear every ten levels.

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Class-related gear is given out during certain quests, but this is frankly only for cosmetic purposes and the stats aren’t very good. Starting from level 50, every ten levels, a new strong set of gear can be purchased from Tomestone gear vendors. They’re easy to find with a simple online search if players don’t know where to find them, and it’s very important to make sure your gear scores are up to snuff before leaping into dungeons.

5 Don’t Pull Bosses If A Player Is Still Watching A Cutscene

For players who have already run through dungeons – especially if they auto-skip previously watched cutscenes enabled – it can be tempting to rush ahead and refuse to wait for those still watching cutscenes. But this can quickly earn one the ire of the rest of the party.

It’s widely accepted as a rule of Final Fantasy XIV that players wait until the entire party is done watching the ending cutscene to pull a boss. The only time this isn’t always followed is during 24-man raids, especially the Nier raids, because of just how long the cutscenes are. But if someone’s a new player, they should watch them to the end regardless of if others wait – don’t let them rush you through.

4 Don’t Skip Through The Story

It can be incredibly tempting to quickly skip through A Realm Reborn without giving the story a second thought. This isn’t because it’s bad by any means, but the expansions are so widely beloved and critically acclaimed that it’s tantalizing for players to want to get to them as fast as possible.

However, it’s way more worth it to take one’s time going through story quests, even early on. Many early characters make their return, and with Endwalker’s release, everything is wrapped up in a way that’s made all the more satisfying if players have properly immersed themselves in the story from the beginning.

3 Familiarize Yourself With Your Class’ Kit Before Jumping Into A Dungeon

Particularly when a new class comes out, it’s understandable that everyone wants to try them out as fast as possible. However, it’s ill-advised to do so without at least taking the time to read over one’s kit, or even watching a video guide explaining the basics.

This is especially true for healers and applies even more so with newer releases as they start at a much higher level than the base classes in ARR. Learning how to optimize one’s kit during dungeons is fine, but if a player has to take time to read what their skills even do – especially while healing – it’s far too easy to be responsible for wiping one’s party.

2 Don’t Ignore Non-Combat Jobs

With how interesting and diverse the combat classes within Final Fantasy XIV are, it can be easy to let crafting and gathering jobs fall to the wayside. But it’s of vital importance to get at least one to max-level, especially if players are interested in endgame content.

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After all, to meld materia into one’s gear – which are pretty sizable boosts to stats – one must have a crafter at the appropriate level. This means if a player hits level 90 with one of their combat jobs and wants to maximize their class’s potential, they’re going to need a crafter at the same level.

1 It’s Better Not To Buy Level Boosts (On Your First Character)

One optional purchase that the Mog Station – FFXIV’s cutely-named cash shop – offers is the ability to buy level or even story skips. If a player has already experienced the leveling process for a class or the story on one character and wants to boost another, that’s fine.

That said, it’s widely frowned upon to buy stories and especially level skips on one’s main character. Kits increase dramatically in size from the start of a class’ leveling process to the end, as well as how players apply them, and buying a level-skip and then jumping into endgame content is a recipe for disaster.

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