A Christmas Story 2 went straight to video in 2012. The new sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas, does everything right that its predecessor couldn’t.

The new sequel to a christmas story starts off on the right foot with a clever title. A Christmas story Christmas it’s funny enough to suggest good things in the movie itself, borne out by its sweet combination of observational humor and nostalgia. It certainly beats putting the number two in the title.

Nevertheless, A Christmas story Christmas It’s not the second movie in the series, but rather the third (or even fourth, depending on the count). a christmas story 2 it was released direct-to-video in 2012. It went away without a hitch, and for good reason. The contrast between her and the new movie says a lot about why A Christmas story Christmas plays.

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A Christmas Story 2 follows Ralphie as a teenager

a christmas story 2

a christmas story 2 It picks up six years after the first film, with Ralphie approaching driving age. His Christmas wish list has been updated to include a convertible, which he accidentally wrecks at the dealership. Ralphie, Flick, and Schwartz get jobs at Higbee’s Department Store to pay for the damages, but lose them after a fight with the store’s owner, Santa. He eventually gets his job back, but decides to donate the money to a family in need. In the end, he avoids paying for the repairs and keeps the car.

Beyond the direct-to-home video release, it’s telling that none of the original cast returned for a christmas story 2. That contrasts sharply with a Christmas Carol Christmas, which not only finds Peter Billingsley returning as a now-grown Ralphie, but many other original cast members as well. But that is only part of the problem.

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A Christmas Story Christmas finds the same tone as the original

A Christmas Story Christmas' Schwartz

one of the things he did a christmas story a classic was its delicate balance of nostalgia and cynicism. He makes fun of human foibles as Ralphie and his family deal with their hopes and insecurities in incredibly ridiculous ways. Much of the credit goes to Jean Shepherd, on whose writing the story is based and who serves as the film’s narrator. Neither a christmas story 2 neither A Christmas story Christmas he has that luxury because Shepherd passed away in 1999.

a Christmas Carol Christmas, yet he moves heaven and earth to recreate it, making the jokes have the same Mark-Twain-esque combination of sweetness and skepticism. a christmas story 2 He doesn’t make that effort. Instead, the film relies on falls and slapstick for its humor and uses the characters as props. The surface embellishments turn into a hook, turning the whole thing into a cash grab that even the studio wasn’t excited about. A Christmas story Christmas he aims much higher and puts in the hard work necessary to get there.

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A fourth film also enters the mix: comes from family in 1994, directed by Bob Clark, who directed the original A Christmas story. It features the same characters but recasts new actors and omits the all-important use of the holidays. Although it does better than a christmas story 2, it only reinforces the lesson. The first movie was a lot harder to pull off than it seemed. Of all his follow-ups, only A Christmas story Christmas really respects what it took to make a classic.

To see how the new sequel succeeds, A Christmas Story Christmas is currently streaming on HBOMax.


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