A huge list of upcoming video game remakes

Remakes are more exciting than remasters because the improvements often go beyond mere bumps in resolution or framerate. At their best, studios reimagine classic experiences in exciting new ways, sand down the rough edges, and somehow retain the intangible x-factors that made fans fall in love with these titles in the first place. At the very least, remakes offer a great way to play ancient or less accessible experiences on modern hardware.

The remake boom has been in full swing in recent years, and it’s starting to get tough to keep track of all the projects in the works. Luckily, we’ve rounded up many of the announced remakes (Not a remaster) we can find and store them in a neat list, arranged chronologically by release window. This is an evolving list that will be updated as new remakes are announced, and be sure to keep an eye on it in the coming months.

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