Ranked Mode allows players to test their skills in battle royale games to try to get to the top of the ranking. I know that Ranked Mode can sometimes feel like you are put into matches with much-higher skilled players, but some changes to the mode are aimed at improving the matchmaking pool. Here are all the changes to Ranked Mode in Apex Legends Season 17.

Apex Legends Season 17 Ranked Matchmaking

A brand-new matchmaking system called Hidden Matchmaking Rating, or MMR, is introduced in Season 17 to balance out the player pool of every match. The MMR is based on player skill, premade squad competitive advantages, and is no longer based on RP. This will improve the matchmaking at earlier tiers, giving players a chance to rank up without having to face players with similar RP, but much higher or lower skill.

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Apex Legends Season 17 Scoring System

The ranked scoring system also gets a revamp with Ranked Points being changed to Ladder Points. The new system includes bonuses and ranked match kills and placement to combine to give players a Ladder Points score at the end of every match. Here are the bonuses included in the Ranked scoring system.

  • Elimination Bonus: Individually counted points that are rewarded when you kill or assist players for elimination. The assist timer has also been increased from 15 to 30 seconds to give players more points for teamwork.
  • Rating Bonus: A Ladder Points bonus is given when players perform higher than their MMR, making ranking up quicker for players, so it will be easier to rank up on outstanding match performances.
  • Skill Bonus: Bonus given when your team is able to take on a higher-skilled team or performs well in a higher-skilled match pool.

What is the Apex Legends Ranked Mode Entry Cost?

The dynamic Ranked Mode entry cost has been eliminated going into Apex Legends Season 17. Now, every player will pay the same entry cost to make a more even competitive mode where placement matters more than eliminations. The Ranked Mode entry cost for Season 17 is 35 Ladder Points.

What is the level requirement to play Ranked Mode in Apex Legends?

The level requirement has also been changed, giving players more time to polish their skills before heading into Ranked Mode. The level requirement for Apex Legends Ranked Mode is now Level 50. Players also have a full reset for rankings at the beginning of Season 17 and will have to play 10 provisional matches in order to get a ranking.

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