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The Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map in Phasmophobia hides some secrets and techniques for gamers which can be invested in the lore of the game or simply wish to showcase some environmental options. One could be discovered on the Restricted model of the map, whereas the remainder must be found on the complete model. Players must make use of the Custom Difficulty modifiers as Cursed Possessions play a giant a part of one of many Easter Eggs. These are all of the Easter Eggs in Sunny Meadows Mental Institution in Phasmophobia.

What ‘Six Become One’ means in the Sunny Meadows map of Phasmophobia

To discover this Easter Egg, gamers must play on a Custom Difficulty for the map. All six Cursed Possessions should spawn on the map. Upon getting into the Institution, straight down the corridor are two entrances to the chapel. Inside, gamers will discover all of the Cursed Possessions in a circle. By lighting the candles of the Summoning Circle, the crosses on the wall will flip the other way up. Once gamers mild all of the candles and summon the Ghost, the massive cross in the middle will burst into flames.

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Patient 07 Easter Eggs in Sunny Meadows in Phasmophobia

Patient 07 is a Ghost mannequin in the game that may be acknowledged by a novel barcode close to their chest. They are likely to stroll backwards at gamers throughout Ghost Events and Hunts, completely the other way up. Before Sunny Meadows was launched, the earlier Asylum map had many Easter Eggs aluding to the affected person transferring over to a different Institution.

When getting into Sunny Meadows, gamers can go to the left previous the desk to go downstairs and to the left once more till they attain a padded cell. Using a UV, both from the UV Flashlight or Glowstick, gamers can see tally marks to point out simply how lengthy Patient 07 was in the cell.

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Continuing down the hallway, gamers will attain the morgue and discover a corpse laying on a desk. This corpse is none apart from Patient 07 and could be confirmed by trying on the face of the mannequin. This is the place their story ends and gamers lastly have solutions as to what occurred to this character in Phasmophobia.

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