In Closing Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 a brand new dungeon, Lapis Manalis, was added. The dungeon sees the Warrior of Mild take to the mountains of Garlemald to discover an deserted village that was as soon as inhabited by a cult of Reapers. However what loot does this new dungeon have in retailer? Right here’s all of the gear loot drops from Lapis Manalis in FFXIV.

Lapis Manalis FFXIV dungeon loot drops

Lapis Manalis drops the Manalis armor units, equipment, some stage 9 materia, and one minion. Beneath we’ve listed all of those drops.

Manalis Armor

Manalis armor is merchandise stage 605 and stage 90. All potential drops are listed beneath.

  • Manalis Circlet of Fending
  • Manalis Chapeau of Maiming
  • Manalis Helm of Placing
  • Manalis Helm of Scouting
  • Manalis Turban of Aiming
  • Manalis Hat of Casting
  • Manalis Hat of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Gauntlets of Fending
  • Manalis Halfgloves of Maiming
  • Manalis Gauntlets of Placing
  • Manalis Gauntlets of Scouting
  • Manalis Gloves of Aiming
  • Manalis Costume Gloves of Casting
  • Manalis Halfgloves of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Mail of Fending
  • Manalis Coat of Maiming
  • Manalis Mail of Placing
  • Manalis Mail of Scouting
  • Manalis Dolman of Aiming
  • Manalis Coat of Casting
  • Manalis Coat of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Bottoms of Fending
  • Manalis Bottoms of Maiming
  • Manalis Bottoms of Placing
  • Manalis Bottoms of Scouting
  • Manalis Bottoms of Aiming
  • Manalis Trousers of Casting
  • Manalis Bottoms of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Sabatons of Fending
  • Manalis Boots of Maiming
  • Manalis Sabatons of Placing
  • Manalis Sabatons of Scouting
  • Manalis Greaves of Aiming
  • Manalis Boots of Casting
  • Manalis Boots of Therapeutic

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Manalis Equipment

Manalis Equipment are merchandise stage 605 and stage 90. All potential drops are listed beneath.

  • Manalis Earrings of Fending
  • Manalis Earrings of Slaying
  • Manalis Earrings of Aiming
  • Manalis Earrings of Casting
  • Manalis Earrings of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Choker of Fending
  • Manalis Choker of Slaying
  • Manalis Choker of Aiming
  • Manalis Choker of Casting
  • Manalis Choker of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Wristband of Fending
  • Manalis Wristband of Slaying
  • Manalis Wristband of Aiming
  • Manalis Wristband of Casting
  • Manalis Wristband of Therapeutic
  • Manalis Ring of Fending
  • Manalis Ring of Slaying
  • Manalis Ring of Aiming
  • Manalis Ring of Casting
  • Manalis Ring of Therapeutic


  • Piety Materia IX
  • Quickarm Materia IX
  • Quicktongue Materia IX
  • Savage Purpose Materia IX
  • Savage May Materia IX
  • Heavens’ Eye Materia IX
  • Battledance Materia IX


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