All Holocure Unlocks & How To Get Them

HoloCure is an unofficial Hololive Productions fan-made game, created by Kay Yu, that you can download for free from the website. It’s an action-packed game like Vampire Survivors, but here you can play as depictions of any of your favorite Hololive VTubers as they battle to survive against waves of brainwashed fans. I’ve found loads of fun in-jokes but also cool items you can use to help everything from your speed to damage or XP bonuses. If you want a full list, read on for all the HoloCure unlocks and how to get them.

HoloCure Item Unlock List

All the items below should appear in the Shop once you’ve unlocked them (I haven’t included the items that are available for free as soon as you download the game in the list below). Previous game updates have added some new items, so do let me know if you find more items in new updates! Each new item will give you more randomized options when you level up, helping you survive longer and gain more coins. 

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Item Name Unlock criteria Item Use
Beetle finish Stage Mode without using Character Skills. Increase Character Skill’s damage output.
Blacksmith’s Gear Use an Anvil to enhance a max-level weapon. Normal Anvils are usable twice.
Breastplate Take 500 damage in a single run. Reduce damage and SPD received.
Candy Kingdom Sweets When leveling, pick Haste Up 10 times. Increase haste.
Chicken’s Feather Survive for 10 minutes as Takanashi Kiara in a single run. Gain extra revives.
Credit Card Find an Anvil. Enhancing cost is reduced and anvils appear more often.
Devil Hat Do 1,000 damage in a single attack. Increase ranged damage output.
Energy Drink Survive for 10 minutes as Calliope Mori in a single run. Grants a hast and SPD boost.
Focus Shades Survive for 10 minutes as Vestia Zeta in a single run. Ranged and multi-shot projectiles have a bonus to crit chance.
Gorilla’s Paw Defeat Smol Ame. Attack is increased, but crit chance is reduced.
GWS Pill Die with Halu equipped. Crit chance is increased while the Special meter charges.
Halu Defeat 5,000 enemies in a run. Fans become stronger and spawn more often but every target defeated grants HoloCoins.
Hope Soda Using IRyS, clear the stage. Crit chance increases, but your special cooldown slows.
Idol Costume Use any Special Attack. Reduce special cooldown time.
Injection Type Asacoco With Breathe-In Type Asacoco or Plug Type Asacoco equipped, beat Stage Mode. Sacrifice health for attack.
Just Bandage Die after 10 minutes. Maximum health increased. You will heal after being hit for 3 seconds.
Kusogaki Shackles Survive for 10 minutes as Murasaki Shion in a single run. Item negative effects are reduced.
Limiter Survive for 10 minutes as Tsukumo Sana in a single run. Pick Up Range bonus.
Membership Beat Stage Mode with Super Chatto Time equipped. Exchange HoloCoins for damage increase and damage intake reduction.
Ninja Headband Survive for 10 minutes as Kureiji Ollie in a single run. Increase SPD and Melee weapon damage.
Plushie Survive for 10 minutes as Hakos Baelz in a single run. Delay income damage by taking a reduced initial hit, with the remaining damage being dealt gradually.
Researcher’s Coat Don’t take any damage for 5 minutes. Gain passive XP.
Stolen Piggy Bank Defeat a Golden Yagoo. Receive coins and SPD buffs by traveling distances.
Study Glasses Reach level 50 in a run. XP bonus.
Super Chatto Time! Collect 5,000 Coins. Enemies drop more HoloCoins.

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