All Map Icons in Redfall and What They Mean

The Island of Redfall holds plenty of secrets and interesting landmarks to investigate. Since the experience is an open world, you’ll want to get really familiar with the Map and what its icons mean, so you can get around smoothly without getting lost. Plus, if you plan to play with Online Co-Op, this will make it easier to rendezvous at specific landmarks and ping the areas you want to head to. Here’s how to read the map and its different markings.

All Map Icon Meanings in Redfall

The icons on your map symbolize various locations and interactable places around the island of Redfall. Some of these will also be displayed on your compass or HUD, so you can’t miss them.

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  • Yellow Diamond/ Yellow Icon – Main Quest Marker
  • Exclamation Mark – Available Quest
  • Pin Marker – Redfall Historical Marker
  • Down Blue Arrow – Player Ping
  • House Frame – Safe House
  • Crashed Helicopter – Island Crash Site
  • Cross – First Aid
  • Fangs – Vampire Nest
  • Pistol – Armory
  • Sack – Lost and Found
  • Star – Safe House Missions
  • Themed Icons – Special Landmarks (These differ depending on location, e.g. gravestone for the Cemetary)
  • Door and Arrow – Exit
  • Icon with Red Padlock – Locked Location

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Some Icons will not be displayed on your map until you discover the location in person. Arriving at the location on foot will then add the spot to your map. You can also fast-travel to Safe Houses and other special locations by hovering over their icons on the map and holding the A button or using your mouse. Check back again to see any updated icons added to the list.

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