Monkey Paw is a powerful cursed possession that grants wishes in Phasmophobia. But making wishes is not without consequence. Each wish has a negative effect that can turn your whole game upside down. Wishes sound dangerous and fun, so why not try them? Here you can learn more about all Monkey Paw wishes in Phasmophobia and what they do.

All Monkey Paw Wishes in Phasmophobia, explained

The Phasmophobia update v0.8.1.0 has introduced Monkey Paw wishes, divided into three categories: Player, Ghost, and Other. Depending on the difficulty level, you’ll get three to five wishes. You can’t repeat the wish, so choose carefully. You’ll need a microphone to say the wish, or you can click on the wish you want (in text mode). Whatever you wish, be careful, as this is Monkey Paw, and the penalty for using wishes can be harsh.

Monkey Paw Player Wishes and Effects in Phasmophobia

Wish Effect Penalty
I wish to be sane The Sanity of all players is set to 50% Increased sanity drain. Ghost may go to another room
I wish to be safe Reveals the closest hiding spot It reveals the last position where you’ve used a flashlight and voice to ghost
I wish to leave Unlocks all doors You’re slowed for 5 seconds

Monkey Paw Ghost Wishes and Effects in Phasmophobia

Wish Effect Penalty
I wish to see the ghost Ghost spawns near you for 5 seconds Temporarily lowers visibility, locks the exit doors, and activates hunt
I wish for activity Increased Ghost activity Permanently breaks the fuse box and closes the exit door for two minutes
I wish to trap the ghost Traps the ghost in the room for one minute All doors are locked, and the ghost hunt is activated after one minute

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Monkey Paw Other Wishes and Effects in Phasmophobia

Wish Effect Penalty
I wish to revive my friend Revives a friend You may die as a result
I wish for knowledge It gives you more information on the ghost Visibility and hearing are significantly lowered, and the hunt begins near you
Weather Change weather to sun/rain/clear sky/snow Your sanity level is lowered
I wish for anything Activates a random wish You get the penalty from the activated wish

What Monkey Paw Wish is the Best in Phasmophobia?

Arguably the best Monkey Paw wish in Phasmophobia is “I wish to revive a friend.” It helps you save another player, with a drawback worth the risk. Also, even if you die, your friend can make a wish to revive you (or both of you end up dead). If you seek ghost fun but want to try something else, try some of the best Phasmophobia-like games.

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