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If you’re tired of running around the planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and wish you could hitch a ride for convenience’s sake, you’re in luck. While Fallen Order didn’t have mounts, the feature has been added in the sequel. Here are all mounts in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and how to get them.

Every mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

There are three mounts in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, each with its own usefulness:

  • Relter—Allows you to soar around in the air, which is perfect for traversing large gaps quickly. You can only use it at certain points, though.
  • Nekko—Has a high jump, so you can easily get to hard-to-reach places. Can also be used in combat.
  • Spamel—The fastest out of the three. Best used when needing to rush across flat areas like deserts.

How to unlock Relter mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The first mount you’ll unlock, Relter, is encountered in the main story after arriving on Koboh. You’ll go to the Forest Array, where, after clearing the Bilemaw Den, you’ll see a large bird-like creature perched on a rock. Approach the Relter, and you’ll get the prompt to tame it.

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How to unlock Nekko mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Nekko is unlocked later in the same section as the Relter mount. After leaving the Forest Array, you’ll begin working your way back to the cantina, though you’ll encounter some muddy slopes that prevent you from progressing near the Nekko Pools in Basalt Forest.

Here, you’ll run into the Nekko, a griffin-like beast, in a cave. Like before, approach and tame it and then jump on its back to ride it.

How to unlock Spamel mount in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The final mount, the Spamel, is unlocked at the Ancient Ruins on Jedha during another main story quest where you’re tasked with finding Cere’s secret base. You can’t miss it: just look for a giraffe with a lizard-like body in front of some rocky cliffs… Definitely the weirdest mount of the three.

Like before, approach and tame the Spamel to unlock it and ride it.

How to tame mounts in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

When exploring Koboh or Jedha, you’ll see Nekko or Spamel mounts roaming around in the wild in all sorts of different colors and patterns. To befriend and ride one, simply follow the approach and tame method you used to unlock them in the first place, after which you’ll be able to use it to travel around.

How to store mounts in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

If you’ve found a Nekko that you’re particularly fond of and don’t want to lose, bring it to the stables at the Rambler’s Reach Outpost on Kohboh and you’ll be able to keep it and summon it whenever you need, saving you from having to find a new one every time you want to hitch a ride somewhere.

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How to summon mounts in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To summon a mount, simply press R1 (PS5), RB (Xbox Series X|S), or Ctrl (PC) when you’re not around another mount or an enemy, and your stored mount will appear at your side.

Best mount to use in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

I’d personally recommend the Nekko mount over the other two in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor because not only can you use it to access high areas with its jump ability, but you can also wield your Lightsaber while riding it, making mounted combat possible.

The Relter would be my top pick due to the fact that being able to soar around is cool as heck, but its being limited to certain areas pushes it down the list for me.

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