All Romanceable Characters in Roots of Pacha

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With Roots of Pacha, marriage and romantic love may be the last thing on your mind when you first start playing. Understandably, you’re up to your knees in weeds and rocks that need clearing. Later down the road, though, the idea may become appealing to you. Read below to get an extensive guide on love and marriage in Roots of Pacha.

All Characters you can Romance in Roots of Pacha

There are quite a few romanceable characters in Roots of Pacha, both male and female. Here’s the breakdown of each one, which can aid you in choosing which partner to pursue for marriage (or just dating). We delve into their personalities, backgrounds, hobbies, and more.


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Unlike many of the other romantic contenders, Era is a new face in Pacha. Her father comes from the Pacha clan and has moved his family back here. She is quite humble and slow to warm up to others (while still being polite). Gift her some spicy food or mango fruit.


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If you want a romantic partner who cares for others and works hard, Illoe is a great choice. She dedicates a lot of her time to helping the village with chores and watching over her younger step-brothers. You will sometimes find her by the water collecting shells. Despite her naive and sometimes anxious nature, she makes for a very sincere and loyal companion.


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Of the female romantic options, Mana is definitively the most strong-willed and determined. Her self-possessed nature means that she is very ambitious and hard-working. As the oldest daughter of the Chief for Pacha, she plans to one day become Chief herself. While she spends most of her time training for leadership with her father, she will make some time to talk with you when you stop by.


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Vallah is not a Pacha villager, but rather part of the misunderstood Mograni clan. Her most noticeable physical feature is her two different colored eyes, caused by heterochromia. She is a hunter who makes her own blades, making her a resourceful and talented character. Vallah will appreciate you if you give her a chance and use honesty with her.


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The fisherman of Pacha, Frer is a quiet (yet not shy) character who spends a lot of his time fishing in the water. He is described as both patient and kind, giving you a lot of grace when getting to know him. He lives with his grandmother and can sometimes be seen hanging around the village with his longtime friend, Illoe.


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Garrek is perhaps the most intelligent character in Roots of Pacha and spends most of his days contemplating the deeper aspects of prehistoric living. You’ll sometimes spot him staring off into space, buried deep into his thoughts. You should gift him mushrooms, as he loves them. He can come across as quite dry sometimes when you first meet him, but he warms up over time.


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While he can come across as arrogant sometimes, Jelrod is really just a very confident man. He appreciates himself, but he also lends that same appreciation to other villagers on occasion. Later in the game, he adopts a Guanaco to ride and shows his deep love for animals.


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A clothing maker for the village of Pacha, Jukk can be spotted most days inside the Hearth where he sews new clothes. He will often want to talk about clothing, but he can occasionally catch you off-guard with a sincere compliment. Jukk lives with his two mothers, Jizu and Okka. He tends to be gregarious but also a bit reserved.


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Krak is one of the first Yakuan clan members you meet when your Pacha clan clears some rubble that meets up to their territory. He is extroverted and kind, treating everyone equally. If you become closer to him, though, he opens up even more. He carves materials and builds sand castles in his free time.


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Another Mograni clan member, Touk is sometimes seen as simple or dumb by members of his own clan. This is not necessarily the case, he just tends to be uncomplicated and too brutish at times. Despite his many hunting talents and sometimes aggressive nature, Touk secretly loves all baby animals.

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How to Romance Characters in Roots of Pacha

Romancing characters in Roots of Pacha works much in the same way that it does when becoming friends with other characters. Simply speak with them each day, and give them gifts. Try and give them gifts based on their favorites, as this will grow the relationship much more quickly.

Can you get married in Roots of Pacha?

The great news is that not only can you Romance characters in Roots of Pacha, but you can also become married. This can’t be done until you max out your relationship level with the intended character. After you have, you’ll be given the option to ask them for marriage.

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Can you have kids in Roots of Pacha?

You can have kids in Roots of Pacha, as well as adopt a child if you’d like. Unlike raising children in Stardew Valley or other similar games, it seems that child-rearing is a bit more involved in Roots of Pacha. You can raise them with influence that will change what role they fulfill for the clan when they grow older.

Are same-sex relationships allowed in Roots of Pacha?

The good news is, same-sex marriages and relationships are completely allowed in Roots of Pacha. There are no restrictions related to gender or sex in the game when it comes to romance. In fact, there are really no restrictions in-game for anything that is caused by gender or sex.

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