In Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ, players can use Buy Stations to purchase gear and weapons for cash. I’ve also used them to sell valuables and craft rare items using the barter menu. Unlike bigger maps like Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, Koschei Complex only has one shop and it can be helpful to know what it offers if you’re in need of essential equipment.

There are in fact two Buy Stations right next to each other that you can access in Koschei Complex. The Standard Buy Station is available by default. On the other hand, the Secure Buy Station can only be unlocked if you dead drop the items mentioned in the shopkeeper’s list.

All Barter Recipes in Koschei Complex – Barter Cheat Sheet

Here’s a complete list of items that you can trade for at the shopkeeper in Koschei Complex:

  • Standard Buy Station
    • 3-Plate Comms Vest: 1 Tattered Lab Notes, 2 Delta Board
    • 3-Plate Medic Vest: 1 Server Tape Orange, 1 Formaldehyde
    • 3-Plate Stealth Vest: 1 Chlorine, 1 Server Tape Black
    • Tempered Plate Carrier: 1 Acetic Acid
    • Scavenger Backpack: 2 Server Tape Black, 2 Canned Foods
    • Secure Backpack: 2 Beta Boards, 1 Gold Bar
    • Skeleton Key: 1 Alpha Board, 1 Server Tape Silver
    • L2 Restricted Zone Key: 4 Wrench, 2 Scientist’s Notes
  • Secure Buy Station
    • Valuable Gun Screen: 1 Gold-Fish (Ashika Island), 1 Bunker 11 Keycard (Building 21), 1 Console Devkit (Al Mazrah)
    • Cash Bag Emblem: 1 Employee Handbook, 1 Server Tape Silver, 1 Delta Board, 1 Acetic Acid
    • Reigning Glory Calling Card: 1 Scientist’s Notes, 1 Server Tape Red, 1 Alpha Board
    • Crossbow: 1 Server Tape Red
    • RGL-80 Grenade Launcher: 1 Lab Code, 2 Sulfuric Acid, 2 Server Tape Red
    • Riot Shield: 1 Liquid Nitrogen, 2 Delta Board
    • FTAC Recon: 2 Alpha Board
    • Dual Kodachis: 2 Toy Knife, 2 Gun Cleaning Oil
    • Cluster Mine: 1 Claymore, 1 Proximity Mine
    • Bomb Drone: 1 Recon Drone, 1 C4
    • Advanced UAV: 1 Portable Radar, 2 Electrical Components

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All Buy Station Gear in Koschei Complex

Here’s a complete list of items that you can purchase from the shopkeeper in Koschei Complex:

  • Standard Buy Station
    • Armor Plate: $400
    • Munitions Box: $2000
    • Gas Mask: $2000
    • Self-Revive Kit: $7500
    • L2 Restricted Zone Key: $50000
  • Secure Buy Station
    • Armor Plate: $200
    • Munitions Box: $1000
    • Durable Gas Mask: $2000
    • Self-Revive Kit: $5000
    • L2 Restricted Zone Key: $25000
    • Lab Code Book: $24000
    • Server Tape Silver: $20000
    • Liquid Nitrogen: $30000
    • Alpha Board: $36000

Where is the Buy Station in Koschei Complex located?

The Koschei Complex Buy Station is located in the Factory Admin section. This area can be accessed from the A1 bunker door in Chemical Plant if you have the Factory Admin Key. Once you’ve gathered all the required essentials from the shop, I suggest you extract the Weapon Case from the section for free rewards.

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