If you are the type of gamer that loves to utilize specific skills when leveling up, then you will love the Fallout games for their upgrade system. You can tailor your character’s abilities to your playstyle, making it all the more satisfying to gain experience and apply those points. Here are all of the skills in Fallout: New Vegas.

All Skill Categories in Fallout New Vegas List

Skills in Fallout: New Vegas can be improved by putting skill points into their respective category when leveling up or by picking up magazines and books around the Mojave Wasteland. Each skill has a specific magazine associated with it, so always be on the lookout when looting new places. As Fallout 3 takes place in a very dangerous world, you’ll need all the help you can get.

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Skill Description/Use Affected Stat Skill Magazines Skill Books
Barter Adding points to the barter skill will improve your character when haggling (or bartering) is necessary. It can be helpful in trading instances, speech instances for quests, and negotiating to get better quest rewards. Charisma Salesman Weekly Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
Energy Weapons Putting points into the energy weapons category will give you a damage and hit rate advantage when using said weapons. Perception Future Weapons Today Nikola Tesla and You
Explosives Putting points into the explosives category will give you proficiency when using explosive weaponry, crafting explosives, and disarming them (such as with mines). Perception Patriot’s Cookbook Duck and Cover!
Guns Allotting points to the guns category will increase your proficiency with standard ammunition guns. Agility Milsurp Review Guns and Bullets
Lockpick Allocating skill points to the lockpick category will increase your success of unlocking doors using a lockpick. Perception Locksmith’s Reader Tumblers Today
Medicine Placing points into the medicine skill will make your character better at using drugs/healing items, medical tools, and crafting Doctor’s Bags. Intelligence Today’s Physician D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine
Melee Weapons Opting to put points in the melee weapons skill will increase your proficiency with items such as baseball bats etc. Strength Tæles of Chivalrie Grognak the Barbarian
Repair Levelling up the repair category will increase your ability to craft items, craft ammunition, and repair things. Intelligence Fixin’ Things Dean’s Electronics
Science Choosing to upgrade the science category will increase your ability to hack into computer terminals, craft chems, pass science-related dialogue checks, and recycle energy ammunition at workbenches. Intelligence Programmer’s Digest Big Book of Science
Sneak Applying points to the sneak skill will decrease your chances of being detected while sneaking and stealing. Agility ¡La Fantoma! Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual
Speech Deciding to level up the speech skill will make you proficient at negotiating. The more you invest in the speech skill, the more chance you will have of talking your way out of confrontations/combat, persuading people to reveal key information, and getting better quest rewards. Charisma Meeting People Lying, Congressional Style
Survival Electing to put points into the survival skill will increase your abilities when crafting natural equipment and consumables, cooking, and making poisons. You will also gain more health and buffs from eating food. Endurance Lad’s Life The Wasteland Survival Guide
Unarmed Upping your skills in the unarmed category will make you better at fighting bare-handed. Endurance Boxing Times Pugilism Illustrated

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