A Stalnox is a skeleton version of the giant Hinox enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I thought Stalkoblins were scary…Then I encountered one of these undead mammoths! They drop a Stalnox Horn on defeat, which can create some pretty powerful weapon fusions. Here is every Stalnox location in TotK.

All Stalnox in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – TotK Stalnox exact map locations

You can find Stalnox on both the surface of Hyrule and in the gloomy Depths below. In Hyrule, they only come to life at night (9pm to 5am), though they’re always active in the Depths.

I’ve found nine Stalnox across the Hyrule surface. Check the map below for locations and exact map coordinates:

Image by Pro Game Guides
  1. Hanu Pond, East Necluda—map coordinates 2772, -2714, 0153.
  2. Deya Lake, West Necluda—map coordinates 0777, -1955, 0014.
  3. Zauz Island Well, Lanayru Wetlands—map coordinates 1408, -0166, -0014.
  4. Royal Hidden Passage, Hyrule Field—map coordinates -0333, 0438, 0022.
  5. Giant’s Forest, Hyrule Field—map coordinates -1152, -0129, 0034.
  6. Tanagar Canyon East Cave, Hyrule Ridge—map coordinates -2059, 1557, -0063.
  7. Passer Hill, Tabantha Frontier—map coordinates -3790, 1557, 0141.
  8. Lake Darman, Death Mountain—map coordinates 2142, 3009, 0431.
  9. Tempest Gulch, Deep Akkala—map coordinates 3424, 3322, -0141.

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Stalnox are rarer in the Depths. I’ve lit every Lightroot and have only found four. Their locations are:

Image by Pro Game Guides
  1. Northeast of Gataharak Lightroot—map coordinates -3598, -3556, -0469.
  2. Giant’s Grove—map coordinates -1176, -0102, -0486.
  3. Southwest of Gadohsi Lightroot—map coordinates -1086, 0052, -0485.
  4. Akkala House of Bones—map coordinates 3261, 3444, -0430.

All Stalnox Monster Part drops in TotK (Tears of the Kingdom)

You can get the following possible Monster Part drops from Stalnox:

How to farm Stalnox Horn and Hinox Tooth in TotK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

While no armor sets require Stalnox Horns for upgrades, they’re useful for weapon fusions as a Stalnox Horn has 29 Fuse Damage. I’d recommend following my route across the Hyrule surface to farm them.

Stalnox also drop Hinox Tooth parts, but you’re better off farming actual Hinox for those as there are more of them, and the drop rate is more frequent. Check out my all Hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom guide for where to find every Hinox.

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