All Starfield Religions, Traits & Which One To Join


There are a lot of choices to make in Starfield, like choosing which companion you’d like. One of those choices is what religious group you’d like to be a part of (if you want to join one at all). So, which ones can you join? And what perks are in it for you?

How many Religions are there in Starfield?

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All Religions in Starfield

There are a total of three religions that you can join in Starfield. While those three are the only ones you can become a part of, there are technically more. In a Q&A session with developers of Starfield in August 2023, they confirmed that there are real-life religions that can be heard about across the universe. Of the three you can play, there are:

  • The Enlightened – a group of humanitarians.
  • House of Va’ruun – religion who believe they should search for God in space.
  • Sanctum Universum – cult-like believers of the Great Serpent, a god who will eventually kill non-believers.

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All Traits for Religions in Starfield

There are three different traits, one for each religion, you can select when character-building in Starfield. You can only have one equipped, as the other two will conflict with the one selected:

  • Raised Enlightened – Get a chest of goodies from Enlightened. Lose access to the chest from Sanctum Universum.
  • Raised Universal – Access to Sanctum Universum chest of goodies. Cannot use Enlightened chest.
  • Serpent’s Embrace – When grav jumping, health and oxygen are improved. You must grave jump regularly, or your health and oxygen will suffer.

Which Starfield Religion is the best to choose?

Picking a religion to join is a very personal choice, even in a game like Starfield. Ultimately, there are not too many strong advantages in one way or another when choosing a religion in Starfield. If you are using the traits, we recommend the Serpent’s Embrace, as it gives you more pros than cons.

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