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There are so many places to discover in Starfield, and with so many planets and systems to jump to, you’re really going to need to know where and how to navigate around to find what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for a place to build up or modify your ship, you’re going to need to find a Ship Services Technician. We’ve put together a list of all Starfield Shipyard locations we know of so far and some of the best ones to try to build your perfect ship in.

Best Shipyards to build your ship in Starfield

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In terms of the best range of choices, quality, and appearance, I suggest visiting Neon or Akila City. They have a larger list of brands for habs, weapons, and other cosmetic parts, ranging from Stroud and Taiyo to HopeTech (one of my personal favorite-looking brands). I also suggest heading to the Deimos Staryard in the Sol System since the Deimos brand is one of the confirmed best ship weapons you can get currently.

While all Ship Services Technicians offer the same services no matter the location (such as repairs and ship modification/upgrades), the products can vary per location. I found differing faction-controlled systems have different ranges of items available. For example, UC places offer alternate parts compared to Vanguard or Freestar, but planets under the same system will most likely have about the same selection. Deciding what is the best area to build on is subject to what parts you’re looking for, the quality of the items you’re looking for, and what aesthetic you want.

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Now, if you’re looking for the best smuggling pieces for your ship, I recommend you have the more illicit-selling technicians around, such as The Den or The Key. Both places can be dangerous (especially the Crimson Fleet space station), but they can sell you Shielded Cargo Bays and potentially Scan Jammers, which may allow you to get through contraband scans without being detected.

Where to find every Shipyard in Starfield

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You’ll find these Starfield Technicians usually right after landing your ship at these locations. Some of them will be waiting right outside at a kiosk (like New Atlantis), while others may have their own little office just right off of the landing platform. They will almost always have a Ship Services sign to help you find it (see image above).

Here’s a look at all the locations I know of right now:

  • New Atlantis – Alpha Centauri System, Jemison
  • Akila City – Cheyenne System, Akila
  • Hopetown – Valo System, Polvo
  • Neon – Volii System, Volii Alpha
  • Cydonia – Sol System, Mars
  • New Homestead – Sol System, Titan
  • Paradiso – Porrima System, Porrima II
  • Deimos Staryard – Sol System, Deimos
  • The Red Mile – Porrima System, Porrima III
  • The Den – Wolf System, The Den
  • The Key – Kryx System, The Key Space Station

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Shipyards are places that offer the chance to repair, modify, or upgrade your current ship, but they can’t be found just anywhere—they will have to be where a Ship Services Technician is available, which most likely means higher populated locations like major cities and other settlements.

Check out all the Ship Services spots to see all the differing brands and items available to you; you may just find something you really like for your ship. And remember: it’s okay to mix and match your favorite aesthetics together. I will keep updating this list if any more shipyards are brought to my attention, so stay tuned!

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