Being a completionist in Honkai: Star Rail is tough work, especially when it comes to treasure. It’s absolutely dizzying to spin the camera around in every room just to check if you’ve missed something. And even then, the chances are high. If you’re looking to open all treasure chests in Honkai: Star Rail, gather those freebies, and gain all the Trailblaze EXP you can, you’ve opened the right guide.

All Treasure Chest Locations in Herta Space Station

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

All Treasure Chest Locations in Jarilo VI

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

All Treasure Chest Locations in The Xianzhou Lufou

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Here at Pro Game Guides, we’ve created treasure maps for all areas currently in the game. Once new areas are added, we’ll update this guide periodically.

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What counts as a treasure chest in Honkai Star Rail?

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

If you’ll notice, every area will contain X types of treasures (and “treasures”):

  • Basic Treasure
  • Bountiful Treasure (for harder chests to reach)
  • Precious Treasure (the ones guarded by Formidable Foes)
  • Warp Trotter

If you want to complete the total number of chests in the upper left corner of the map, you only need to find all Basic Treasure Chests and the Warp Trotter in the area. The latter is a type of unique monster that runs away when it sees you. It drops materials and sometimes a hidden quest-related item (see our Weak Female Voice guide as an example). Always defeat it when you see one!

For more help with Honkai: Star Rail, take a look at Honkai Star Rail Codes & How To Redeem Them and Honkai Star Rail All Upcoming Characters here at Pro Game Guides.


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