Things have not been going well for Thor lately. Mjolnir has gone rogue as the God of Hammers. In her rage, she turned against him and laid waste to Asgard and millions of innocents in a vengeful rampage against the gods. Cornered and desperate, Thor calls upon the forces of nature and his mother to grant him the power to go toe-to-toe with Mjolnir. But the power of one parent isn’t enough for Thor to bring an end to his hammer’s wrath. Determined to atone for his past sins and help his son, Odin grants Thor his own power. However, Odin’s gift comes with a cost Thor wasn’t ready to pay.

Thor #22 is the fourth chapter in the five-part story titled “God of Hammers.” Thor #22 is one of the most momentous and dramatic storylines in the Marvel Universe. Thor is defined by three things: his family, his place among his friends/Avengers, and his ability to wield his hammer, Mjolnir. The hammer is a weapon of the gods and a symbol of Thor’s position as the God of Thunder and newly appointed All-Father. All of these things have been thrown out the window as Mjolnir becomes murderous, manipulative, and cruel.

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Thor #22 is a tense and tragic tale — and a game-changer for Thor’s character arc. Being stripped of his iconic weapon forces Thor to face his and his family’s mistakes. But it’s Odin’s choice to sacrifice himself for the sake of his son and his kingdom that really shakes things up for Thor and the Marvel Universe. Up until now, Odin’s role as father has been spotty, at best.

Donny Cates’s writing for Thor #22 exemplifies all the drama that once lay dormant in the God of Thunder’s story arc. The story is dark and dramatic and has high stakes and plenty of angst. But there are a few snarky Marvel-ism’s and dry dialogue scattered throughout the comic adds levity. Thor #22 brings a fitting conclusion to Odin’s character arc. Whether or not this is where his journey really ends is up for future issues to decide. But Odin’s decision to die for the sake of his son, his friends, and the safety of the world is a good and bold decision that will affect the entire Marvel Universe. Thor #22’s bold writing is exactly what the series, and the beloved character, needed — even if it tugs at the heartstrings.

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Technically, Thor #22 retains the consistent, colorful, and cinematic art style of its run. There is a movie quality to the issue’s artwork — thanks, in part, to Nic Klein’s bold yet soft linework and Matt Wilson’s electric color palette choices. The comic’s dynamic line movements and use of texture effectively convey swooping storms, wailing winds, vicious tornadoes, and electrical energy. Thor #22’s artwork creates a sense of urgency that pairs well with Cates’ tense story.

Thor #22 has proved to be one of the most intense chapters in recent comic history. Thor #22 sets in motion a new era for the Marvel Universe.

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