Roblox Anime Warriors Simulator 2 has just released Update 6, bringing a host of exciting new features and improvements to the game. The latest release reveals an entirely new world called “Cursed High,” and introduces the innovative concept of merging artifacts, among other captivating features. If you need free stuff, head over to our site Anime Warriors Simulator 2 codes page for all available freebies.

The main attraction of Update 6 is the introduction of Merge Artifacts. Players can now combine their artifacts, and level them up to create more powerful combos. This feature presents an opportunity for strategic play, as players decide which artifacts to combine for maximum effect.

Adding to the update’s appeal, the developers released an exclusive limited-time egg and introduced 15 new warriors. These additions provide players with more options to diversify their rosters and strategies. Two new ranks have also been added, adding to the challenge and competitive nature of the game.

Update 6 raises the level cap to 150, providing a new mission and ride for players to enjoy. Also introduced is an interesting feature, Auto Attack, which players can purchase from the traveling merchant.

With this update, the developers have also implemented several optimization changes. These updates are designed to improve game performance and provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

In addition to the new features, Update 6 brings some much needed balancing and bug fixes. Changes include a significant increase in the power of auras, an increase in Chamber XP, and a level cap raised to 110. Ethereal and angelic attributes have received a slight increase, and the daily turn indicator has been fixed.

The update also includes a revamped Pirate Town map, new achievements in the reroll game, and a new leaderboard for completed dungeons. Shiny boost has been buffed, and Shiny and Secret potions now stop during battles.

With Update 6, players can obtain Solid Gold by participating in dungeons, battles, and completing quests, although the drop multipliers do not apply.

Here’s a look at the full list of patch notes from disagreement:

  • New World: Cursed Alive!
  • New Travel Merchant!
    • Merchant can appear randomly with unique items!
  • Merge artifacts!
    • Merge your artifacts together and level them up!
  • A new limited-time exclusive egg!
  • 15 new warriors!
  • 2 new ranks!
  • Level cap increased to 150!
  • New mission + mount!
  • Auto attack! (buy from merchant)
  • Improvement changes!
  • Balancing + bug fixes!

Travel merchant:

  • Shows up every 4 hours and leaves after an hour.
  • Get pure gold by playing dungeons, battles, and completing quests. (drop multiples do not apply)

the changes:

  • Auras have been greatly refined
  • Storage room experience level and level cap increased to 110
  • The ethereal and angelic qualities are slightly refined
  • The daily turnover index is constant
  • The recharge countdown determines the rarities you selected
  • Polished glossy reinforcement
  • Shiny + secret potions stop during battles
  • Renewal of the Pirate Town map
  • Reel achievements new features
  • New dungeons have been added to the leaderboard
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Many improvement changes

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