ANNO: Mutationem is coming to Xbox Series and Xbox One on September 22

Publisher Lightning Games and developer ThinkingStars will release Anu: Mutation For Xbox Series and Xbox One on September 22, companies Announce. The PC version will also be available via the Microsoft Store on the same date.

Anu: Mutation It was first released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via steam On March 17, 2022, followed by Switch on September 1, 2022.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Steam page:


Enter our world!

Welcome to the neon-covered, 2D and 3D world of cyberpunk Anu: Mutation. In this action-adventure game with RPG elements, you become Anne, a highly skilled lone wolf trained to fight on a personal mission in the giant city of Metropolis, filled with evil mega-corporations, mysterious fringe groups, and creatures more bizarre than you can possibly imagine. Words about him. .

Key Features

  • Where 2D meets 3D – Unique 2D to 3D gameplay, seamlessly switching between action, 2D platforming and 3D exploration to interact with the world and its inhabitants.
  • Anne kicks ass – Anne will slash, shoot, combo, throw grenades, and ground-bomb her way through hordes of enemies and big bosses.
  • Explore, discover and return – Exploring diverse locations such as massive cities and complex underground structures, players are free to go as they please, returning to previous areas and unlocking new events.
  • Dark and twisted plot – A fantastic story that fits the rich and dark cyberpunk setting, featuring our main heroine Ann and her trusty hacker friend Ayane.
  • Craft, upgrade, improve and customize – Collect, buy or craft items, and upgrade Ann’s stats, skills and equipment. Use chips to modify any type of weapon you find.

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