Bubble ghost edition An upcoming re-imagining of the classic haunted house puzzle, just announced from developer and publisher VIDIBOND Choose to play. The new version will feature completely reworked visuals and sound, as well as additional modes, bosses, and more.

The release window has not been confirmed, but it is expected “soon”. Bubble ghost edition It will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, where it can be wishlisted today. Although it is partly in Spanish, you can watch it in its entirety Bubble ghost edition Promo on the Selecta Play YouTube channel:

bubble ghost It can be considered a classic and hidden gem, thanks to its adorable little world and very clever premise. Players will need to guide a bubble through a variety of obstacles, rather than just driving your protagonist. This presents a lot of unique opportunities for physics-based games, which were somewhat rare at the time.

Today’s trailer intentionally shows a direct side-by-side comparison between the original and the remake, which will either impress or disappoint you.

Obviously, the shiny new graphics look very nice and polished, which is often fun either way. But the art design tends into a little scary territory with the lighting, enemies, and obstacles. The protagonist was also given a serious makeover to better resemble a real human being.

The general cuteness factor of the original is ignored, though some elements of Halloween fun remain. However, the original game was quite simple, and it’s nice to see the developers expand on that with more focus on storytelling and new modes to play. It will also be a neat little bow for Bubble ghost edition to get to the Switch, since the original was a Game Boy treasure.

You can read more about Bubble ghost editionand Selecta Play and other upcoming Indies by checking out the rest of our news section.

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