apex legends, Respawn Entertainment’s Free to play battle royale just released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming season “Arsenal” and the new Ballistic legend. Today’s trailer picks up right in last place Story from Outlands He paused, with Ballistic leaving a message for his son and offering his gaming expertise.

The new trailer also revealed that the full gameplay reveal is set for May 1st, 2023, with the tagline “Show Your Caliber”. You can watch the full Arsenal launch trailer here Apex Legends YouTube channel:

Today’s trailer really leans into the Ballistic era, setting the stage with the old-school charm of “Beyond the Sea” throughout, and smaller moments like Ballistic’s awkwardly misunderstanding of Newcastle’s grip. The competition also underestimates Ballistic a bit, and he gets a chance to impress him with his experiment.

Overall, the cinematic is upbeat, cheerful, and fun. The writers consistently show off great characterization, and they do a good job of establishing budding relationships while introducing new mythologies. Not to mention all the fun moves, which are generally considered appropriate.

And while today’s teaser doesn’t feature any actual gameplay footage, which is booked for next week, Ballistic still has a chance to show off its capabilities.

In the meantime, players can enjoy the Veiled Collection event, which only kicked off yesterday and adds a new limited-time mode called Deadeye. If you missed it, here’s the event trailer Apex Legends YouTube channel:

The gameplay will make it more clear if Ballistic’s balancing and abilities will affect the current meta or not. So, the following trailer is sure to interest longtime fans, but it’s always good to love your new legend beforehand.

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