Apex Legends He has officially revealed new legend August Brinkman, “Ballistic”, and their motives for joining the Games in a background cinematic. SFTO also closed today with the announcement that Season 17 will be titled “Arsenal,” and will get an official reveal later this week on April 26, 2023.

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Apex Legends He was busy lately. Just last week, Respawn released a trailer for the Veiled Collection event, which will introduce Caustic’s Prestige Skin and the new Deadeye limited-time mode. The new season has more content than ever thanks to Mixtape. Now that the class system has lined up the Legend roster, it will be very interesting to see how Ballistic fits.

Today’s cinema presents a legend much older than usual, expanding the representation of the game. The relationship between Ballistic and his son remains sketchy for now, but it’s an interesting underpinning. It makes sense that Brinkman would hope to protect his son from going down the same path, letting the toys chew and spit him out.

Of course, Ballistic was accidentally introduced a bit early on by Respawn Entertainment themselves, using this interesting smart gun. In today’s cinema, Ballistic is clearly capable of taking down enemy weapons, which is a kind of Revenant’s tactical alternative. Nothing will revolutionize the description of the game, but like any offensive character, it should at least be fun to play.

While it’s nice to have new Legends, hopefully the developers stick to fixing existing issues like matchmaking, as well as Mixtape’s shortcomings. According to the new Official PageArsenal seems to be focusing on other features, including changes to World’s Edge, firing range, and rating.

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