CBR presents an exclusive preview of Archie Comics’ Bob Phantom #1, featuring the return of the publisher’s first costumed crime fighter.

Archie Comics is reviving Bob Phantom, the publisher’s first superhero who debuted during the Golden Age of comics.

Right now, CBR can reveal an exclusive preview of ghost bob #1, which will hit stores on Wednesday, November 30. The one-shot was produced by writer James III, artists Richard Ortiz and Juan Bobillo, colorist Glenn Whitmore, and marker Jack Morelli, and features lead cover art by Tim Seely and Matt Herms. , as well as a variant cover by Jamal Igle. It was inspired by the Bob Phantom character who first appeared in blue ribbon comics #2 written by Harry Shorten and illustrated by Irv Novick, and published in December 1939 by MLJ (now Archie Comics).

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Archie Comics Official ghost bob Synopsis #1 describes the one-shot’s premise as follows: “By day, he’s Walter Whitney, a fledgling drama columnist with a wild imagination, but by night he’s Bob Phantom, the ‘Scourge of the Underworld.’ With his power to become immaterial, Walt beats up criminals and then tells them of his exploits in his newspaper column… but New York City isn’t like it used to be, and with less crime means less news. So if there’s no crime left to fight, there’s only one thing left to do: make enemies. Is Bob Phantom really the Scourge of the Underworld, or its leader?

How Archie Updated His First Superhero

James III, best known as one of the co-creators of Netflix Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show, recently commented on Bob Phantom’s upgrade process while promoting the upcoming one-shot release. “Archie’s Recent Titles Jughead’s Time Police Y [Rob] of Liefeld The shield provided a great blueprint for how to bring these classic characters to a modern audience,” he said. I wanted to find my own way to the time control device used in those books where we actually see the Golden and Silver Age versions of these characters. characters on the page without opening a literal portal to the past.”

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Bob Phantom Editorial Spread

“There’s a lot of humor and world-changing in this first issue,” III continued. “But there are demons in this story. If this title expanded beyond the one-shot, there would be more ghosts, more horror, and yes, there would be gore.” The Supernatural III elements you are referring to reflect Archie Comics’ willingness to embrace the horror genre in recent years. The publisher launched the Archie Horror imprint in 2015, with a February 2023 one-shot. Chilling Adventures Presents… Betty: The Last Girl the next title scheduled for release under that label.

All 32 pages of Archie Comics ghost bob One-shot #1 goes on sale November 30, 2022 and retails for $3.99.

Source: Archie Comics


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