The ancient war between the Eldian people and the rest of the world has finally reached its climax with the unveiling of The Rumbling. The prophesied event that the Marleyan people were so fearful of is a pure demonstration of the Eldian Empire’s power.

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Before Eren ever dreamt of a free world devoid of human subjugation, the Eldian people waged war on a slightly smaller scale. The likes of Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager, and Dina Fritz all put their lives on the line to restore the once proud nation of Eldia as members of the Eldian Restorationists. The Restorationists worked tirelessly to restore Eldia to the power it exhibited when it was known as the Eldian Empire.

10 The Eldian Restoration Movement Is The Modern Face Of The Eldian Empire

Today the Eldian Restorationists seem like an outdated front for the modern conflict between Eren Yeager and the world. With The Rumbling in full swing, it is hard to imagine a time when Eldia needed to hide underground.

After Karl Fritz exiled his own people to the Island of Paradis, the Marleyan’s rose up as the sole world superpower by enslaving the remaining Eldians that scoured the globe. The enslaved Eldians gave Marley access to the power of the Titans and incited generational rebellions that would eventually culminate in the monster known as Eren Yeager.

9 An Eldian Slave Touched The Source Of All Living Matter & Gained The Power Of The Titans

Episode 80 of the Attack on Titan anime tells the story of the original titan. While being hunted by slavers, Ymir came into contact with the source of all living matter and became the first Intelligent Titan.

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The extent of her power is unknown, but if the modern-day can shed light on the strength of the original titan, fans can assume that Ymir possessed the power of all nine intelligent titans. With this power, Ymir became an invaluable member of King Fritz’s entourage and would go on to bear three of his children.

8 The Ancient Eldian King Made Ymir His Concubine After She Was Gifted With The Power Of The Titans

The story of Ymir Fritz is a tragic story of subjugation and loss. When she was just a child, Ymir’s village was attacked and the survivors were enslaved by the Eldian Empire.

After accidentally freeing a small drove of pigs, Ymir was tossed into the forest by her captors to be hunted for sport. Here she inherited the power of the Titans and returned to King Fritz to offer up her power in exchange for her life. For the next 13 years, Ymir served King Fritz with the power of the Founding Titan before laying down her life to save the King from a rebellious Marleyan.

7 Fritz Used Ymir’s Power To Defeat Marley And Make Eldia The Sole World Superpower

The Ancient Eldian Empire was nothing more than a band of warmongering slavers before Ymir Fritz stumbled upon the source of all living matter. With the power of the Titans, Eldia was able to overcome their Marleyan rivals and take their place as a world superpower.

One can only speculate over Ymir’s motivation when aiding the Eldian King, but her ancient tale speaks to the power that slavery and subjugation can have on the human mind.

6 As A World Power, Eldia Was A Nation Of Warring Houses

After Ymir sacrificed herself to save the Eldian King, Fritz forced his three daughters Maria, Rose, and Sheena to eat the flesh from their mother’s bones. After doing so, these three daughters inherited and passed on the power of the nine intelligent titans that fans know of today.

The Eldian Empire that grew out of this power broke off into nine powerful houses. Each of these houses possessed the power of one intelligent titan and often bickered with each other to the point of war. Despite their bickering, the nation stayed together because of the overwhelming power of the Founding Titan. Once the Founding Titan stopped serving as an intermediary, The Great Titan Wars erupted, and the Eldian Empire began its decline.

5 Eldian Experiments Resulted In The Creation Of The Ackerman Bloodline

At the height of the Eldian Empire, Titan physiology, and the inherited power that came with it, was under close study by the Eldian people. It was during this time that the Titan Serum was invented and a botched experiment resulted in the creation of the Ackerman family. These special individuals were part of an experiment that would give normal humans the power of the Titans.

Today, only two Ackerman’s remain, but the past told a story of a proud warrior race who stood as Kings Guard for the Eldian Empire.

4 Karl Fritz Chose Exile Over War For The Eldian People

After years of ruling over the world as its sole superpower, the Eldian Empire decided to banish themselves to the Island of Paradis. Though the history books would tell a different story, the truth lies in Karl Fritz’s weak stomach.

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After a gruesome and bloody war known as the Great Titan War, Fritz decided to lead his people away from further bloodshed by using an army of Colossal Titans to form three concentric rings of defense around his new home. With these walls in place, Fritz officially removed Eldia from the international landscape and promised that his Empire wouldn’t return unless the island was ever threatened by an outside force.

3 The Eldian Empire Was Unbeatable With The Combined Might Of The Attack And Founding Titan

The Eldian Empire was the greatest world superpower in history for many reasons. Each of these reasons can be broken down by analyzing the individual power of the nine intelligent titans. The Warhammer Titan’s ingenuity and the Beast Titan’s flexibility are two great reasons for the Eldian Empire’s success. However Marley is proof that these two powers were not enough on their own.

The combination of the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan made it easy for the Eldian people to stay in power. While the latter is able to take control of any rogue citizens, the Attack Titan’s precognitive abilities made the Eldian Empire impossible to defeat in a long-term engagement.

2 Eldia Has Always Had An Alliance With The Hizuru

The alliance between Eldia and the Hizuru is a generational alliance that has survived multiple wars and the march of time. Their alliance began at the height of the Eldian Empire, well before Karl Fritz created the Walls of Paradis.

Before Mikasa was born and the Walls of Paradis were erected, a son of the Shogun Clan got close with the Fritz family and joined the King in his vow of nonviolence. Unfortunately, when the Asian Clan that settled on Paradis tried to stop the King from erasing the memory of his people, they were hunted down and nearly eliminated. Today, Mikasa is the only known survivor of the Hizuru branch that settled on Paradis. On the other side of the sea, the Azumabito family continued the tradition of Eldian allegiance by joining hands with Zeke Yeager.

1 Zeke Betrayed The Empire By Trying To Euthanize The Eldian People

Zeke Yeager has been a controversial character in the eyes of AoT fans since he was introduced as the Beast Titan. Though he managed to win over the hearts of many fans with his heroic vulnerability on the Island of Paradis, the fact that he is a snake without an ounce of loyalty in his body is still true.

After betraying his father and the Eldian Restorationists as a child, Zeke went on to betray his entire ancestry by concocting a plan that involved euthanizing every man, woman, and child with Eldian blood.

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