Hajime Isayama reveals that he currently has no plans to write another manga after he started creating Attack on Titan at just 19 as a one-shot.

A sequel may not be in the future for attack on titan fans.

@AniNewsAndFacts tweeted a poster to mark the anime’s final season, with a caption explaining that attack on titan creator Hajime Isayama “currently has no plans” to write another manga. Isayama’s fans supported his decision in the answers section, with most encouraging the author to rest after dedicating his life to the series for 12 years. Some persuaded Isayama and reconstructed the ending to Attack on Titan.

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A show of support made Isayama cry

Isayama made his first appearance in the United States at an Anime NYC panel on November 19. A fan asked, “Did you know how you wanted to end?” attack on titan from the beginning?” Isayama himself expressed uncertainty about how it ended Attack on Titan. “I’m still struggling at this point,” he said. “I’m really sorry about that.” Despite the massive backlash surrounding the controversial ending of attack on titanthe crowd still welcomed Isayama with open arms.

With tears in his eyes, Isayama thanked the audience for their continued support. “With strong feelings, I was depressed for a long time until yesterday when I met the fans during the signing. The fans told me that the ending was great and they loved it, and it made me happy, and coming to New York was great.” experience for me,” she said.

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Attack on Titan’s Creator addressed the reaction to the ending

At just 19 years old, Isayama created attack on titan as a 65-page one-shot, but changed the story to begin serialization in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in 2009. The series ended in 2021, but some fans expressed frustration at the ending’s problems with character development and dramatic changes. in the protagonist Eren Yeager. Also, the multiple plot holes confused people. Isayama and some of the staff had even received death threats over the end of Attack on Titan. In May 2021, the mangaka addressed the backlash surrounding the attack on titan ending. Isayama revealed his difficulties in drawing the climax. Consequently, he apologized for letting fans down and even asked them to be nice to him before his appearance on Anime NYC. Following the end of the manga, Isayama added eight additional pages to Volume 34.

before the third part of attack on titanIn the fourth and final season, a special event was held on November 12, which featured live music performances and readings by the anime’s vocal talent. In celebration of the event, attack on titan released a new manga-accurate visual key and brave order character illustrations

the attack on titan The manga series is available at select retailers and online platforms. The anime adaptation will air its final part of the fourth season in 2023.

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