With an anime series as huge as Avatar: The Last Airbender, a three-season series is nowhere near enough to satiate fans. Even after ending over a decade ago, there is still a constant uproar of demand from fans all over the world, petitioning for answers to unresolved plot points from the original series.

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Avatar is perhaps one of the only series to have ever existed where fans fall in love with almost every single character. Be it a character as seemingly irrelevant as the cabbage man or a character as obviously deranged as Azula. Having so many characters fans know and love is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the show never stops receiving love from its audience. On another, there’s this pressure to constantly produce perfection in continuing the stories each character deserves.

10 Zuko’s Estranged Mother Was A Major Series Cliffhanger

Much like Zuko, one of the biggest questions that left fans pining for another Legend of Aang series is: Who and where is Zuko’s mother? 

It was prophesized that a descendant of Avatar Roku would bring great power to Fire Lord Azulon’s lineage. Knowing this, Fire Lord Ozai plucked Ursa away from her hometown, Hira’a, and forced the throne unto her. Years later, she was caught conspiring against Fire Lord Azulon in order to save Zuko’s life. This resulted in her banishment from the Fire Nation Capital. Terrified, she moved back to her hometown to start a whole new life as an entirely different person, granted by the Mother of Faces. She lived a plain and peaceful life as Noriko before Zuko finally found her and brought her back to the Fire Nation Capital where she truly belonged.

9 An Epic Battle Between Toph and Bumi

During the wait for the legendary Sozin’s Comet, a fight ensued between the two greatest Earthbenders to have ever lived. In trying to soothe the tension for the upcoming war with the Fire Nation, Bumi shared his tales of single-handedly taking back Omashu. For this reason, Suki lightly declared that he must be the greatest Earthbender who ever lived.

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Hearing this, Toph was indignified. The arrogant Earthbender had a duel with the elder to prove that she, in fact, was better than her predecessor. Unfortunately, Sokka had to declare a tie, as the other members of the White Lotus didn’t want the friendly feud to attract unwanted attention to their hiding spot.

8 The Dark Truth Behind The Harmony Restoration Movement

What was meant to be a plan to restore peace to all nations became more convoluted than anyone had anticipated. Fire Nation colonies scattered around the Earth Kingdom rose when Fire Lord Sozin put his plans to occupy Earth Kingdom territories into motion. In the beginning, Avatar Aang, Fire Lord Zuko, and Earth King Kuei were on the same page in disbanding these colonies.

However, restoring peace may not have been as peaceful as the trio had originally thought. They didn’t realize that, over the century, these colonies have become home to interracial families. Separating the lives of innumerable families would cause more harm than peace. After only a year, the movement was dissolved, proving to be a more viable option for everyone.

7 Aang Almost Got His Revenge On Zuko

Zuko’s and Aang’s bromance is without a doubt a fan-favorite. However, in the establishment of Republic City, Aang almost followed through on his vow to kill Zuko if he ever turned into his father.

Avatar Aang was a traditionalist. With good intentions, he wanted to restore peace to the world by keeping everyone in the country that they belonged in. On the other hand, Fire Lord Zuko felt that the perpetual segregation of the four countries is a massive lack of multiculturalism and caused more harm than good. The clash in ideologies was enough for Aang to want to kill his friend. If it wasn’t for Katara, he might have gone through with Zuko’s death sentence.

6 Toph’s Reconciliation With Her Family

Prior to joining the Gaang, Toph had a bit of a rocky relationship with her parents. Feeling suffocated in her own home, Toph left. From there, her relationship with her parents ceased to exist.

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After helping end the Hundred Year War, Toph briefly reunited with her father, Lao, and it was a rather unpleasant experience for both parties. Facing a life or death situation, Lao confided in his only daughter, admitting to her the guilt and loss he felt for driving her away. Watching the daughter he thought was frail and invalid fight to save everyone stuck in the mine, Lao realized Toph’s true strength as an Earthbender. This was all Toph ever truly wanted from her father, to be recognized as the great Earthbender she was, not a little girl who needed her father’s protection.

5 The Bloodbending Crime Lord Yakone

Keeping peace all throughout the nation has never been an easy feat, but with a power-hungry crime lord looming over their shoulder, Aang’s job was made significantly harder. Yakone threatened to take over Republic City for years.

With his psychic bloodbending powers, he easily took control of the United Republic Capital through the comforts of his criminal empire. For the longest time, he evaded the law and kept his forbidden bending powers a secret. When Avatar Aang discovered the truth of Yakone’s crimes, he removed Yakone’s bending for good.

4 Sokka And Zuko Were Korra’s Childhood Heroes

Red Lotus is an anarchist group led by its ruthless leader, Zaheer. The self-made organization launched a kidnapping attempt towards Avatar Korra at four years old. In forcefully capturing the Avatar, the organization aimed to manipulate her into shifting the Spirit world. The group was keen on blending the world of spirits and the real world together. The only person with the power to do so would be the Avatar themselves.

Due to the heroic acts of Chief Sokka, Fire Lord Zuko, Tenzin, and Toraq, the Red Lotus was defeated, and Korra was safe. Not only did they save the next generation of Avatar, but they stopped Vaatu from manipulating Korra into creating a dark Avatar.

3 Sokka’s Victory Over A Yu Yan Archer

Adding to Sokka’s monumental victories, a Yu Yan Archer’s defeat at Sokka’s hands definitely goes down as one of his more impressive wins. Yu Yan Archers are known to be the best of the best when it comes to marksmen in the Avatar universe.

In his travels, Sokka came across a disgraced Yu Yan archer. Bragging about his professional training, the archer looked down on Sokka at first glance. Being the strategic fighter that he was, Sokka played to his strengths and simultaneously took advantage of his opponent’s weaknesses. In the end, Sokka one-upped the archer in a fistfight, making it one of the more prominent hand-to-hand combat fights in the Avatar history books.

2 Katara Was Against The Gentrification Of Her Home

It seems that trouble for the Southern Water Tribe did not end when the Hundred Year War was over. The village faced investors and developers from the Northern Water Tribe looking to modernize the town. The South came to immense economic power; not only did the city grow in its infrastructure but also its population.

As far as change goes, there will always be castes of people not on board, no matter how major or minor. This was entirely the case for the North’s ideas of modernizing the South. Katara sided with this rebellion, wanting to protect the rich history that defined their culture.

1 Druk Could Challenge Appa As Avatar’s Best Flying Companion

There’s an entire sub-culture online of fans debating which animal in the Avatar universe is the coolest. With Appa being a fan-favorite, most don’t realize that Zuko procured an epic airborne animal of his own.

In the series, when Zuko thought that he had lost his bending, he and Aang went to visit the Sun tribe to learn pure Firebending. Reigniting his bending powers wasn’t the only thing Zuko managed to acquire. In the Legend of Korra, it is seen that Zuko managed to convince Druk to both teach him more about pure Firebending and also to travel the world with him.

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