Up to four new Avatar: The Last Airbender games could be in the works, and fans hope to see the rumoured RPG and MMORPG arrive first.

Fans are hoping that a new rumour shared today comes true and that a slew of Avatar Last Airbender games will be available to play in the future.

The new report out this week needs to be taken with a big pinch of salt as it comes from an unofficial source but has definitely sparked interest among the show’s fanbase.

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Lost Ark | Accolades Gameplay Trailer

Lost Ark | Accolades Gameplay Trailer

Last Airbender Game Rumours

AvatarNews.co, which has shared information on various casting roles in the past, provided the update this week. It includes details regarding four games in total, one which would be an ATLA console RPG and another that would be an Avatar MMORPG. Both are reportedly in development at undisclosed game studios, and both are being worked on in collaboration with Paramount’s Avatar Studios.

Details remain thin on the ground regarding when either title might arrive, but the report states that they have been secretly in development for some time. That could mean an official reveal will be shared later in 2022, with both an RPG and MMORPG proving popular with fans. Gamers discussing the leak first shared their thoughts on the source, with many hoping that the rumour proves correct.

“The scepticism is understandable, but AvatarNews has actually had a ton of scoops regarding casting and crew members for both the new animated content and the Netflix live-action show before they were officially announced. So, this isn’t implausible!”

And others are hoping that these new Avatar games join the game already announced at Square Enix last year. This is the only Avatar Last Airbender game confirmed as being in development and arriving on mobile devices in the future. But as today’s rumour proves, there are plenty of fans out there hoping to see something bigger announced from leading developers.

The Square Enix announcement from last year adds: “It has been an incredible privilege to partner with Square Enix London Mobile on the creation of a game with such an iconic IP. The Avatar: The Last Airbender universe has so many layers and complex storylines to explore, and we look forward to fully unveiling it and sharing it with all the incredibly passionate and loyal Avatar fans in the future.”

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