NCSoft has announced that its upcoming battle royale brawler, Battle Crush, is coming to Nintendo Switch alongside its previously known PC and mobile release. On top of that, the company revealed that all versions will receive closed beta testing next month, complete with crossplay.

In Battle Crush, players choose a character and fight to become the strongest in a pool of 30 players. Due to the ever-encroaching waves of enemies and unique battlegrounds, players must be thoughtful about their placement and tactics. Player characters known as Calixers feature a wide range of influences, often inspired by mythological figures. Battle Royale may be the main mode, but Battle Crush also offers a Brawl mode, where the player chooses three Calixers to fight on a small map, and Build-Up, a mode where two players compete in best-of-five series.

Players can sign up for Battle Crush’s closed beta test, which will run from October 23 to October 30 on Switch, PC, and Android. Battle Crush is currently slated to launch in the spring of 2024.


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