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Starfield puts you on various adventures among the stars, but many places can be extremely dangerous, teeming with hostile wildlife and groups. Wearing a proper spacesuit and helmet can often mean the difference between life and death, especially during prolonged engagements, as I quickly found out after encountering a Crimson Fleed war party in my fabulous-looking albeit combat-inefficient New Atlantis clubbing attire. To help you avoid the situation, I found myself in, we have compiled a list of 10 best armor in Starfield!

Top 10 best Spacesuits in Starfield, ranked

10 – Gran-gran’s spacesuit

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Gran-gran’s spacesuit may not have the best stats in the game, but it has a lot of history. If you’ve chosen the Kid stuff trait while building your profile, you will get this spacesuit from your mother on your third visit to your parent’s apartment. She tells you that this suit stems from your late grandmother as she reminisces of the times long past. The suit may not offer too much thermal protection, but it certainly warmed my heart!

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9 – Shock trooper

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The Shock trooper armor looks like Bethesda’s take on the ODST combat suits from the Halo franchise. Despite the killer looks that will give you a good shiver if you’re a fan of the series, the suit doesn’t provide you with any outstanding stats and is easily surpassed by the more advanced types in this list.

8 – Va’ruun

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Despite their lackluster stats, I find Va’ruun spacesuits to be extremely good-looking. They are more difficult to find and obtain than typical Crimson Fleet spacesuits because they’re worn by the reclusive occultists worshipping the Great Serpent.

7 – Constellation

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Constellation spacesuit is an in-game reward for purchasing the Starfield Constellation Edition. Not only does it have that classic Nasa spacesuit look, but it also comes with decent stats for the beginning of the game. Its low mass of just over eight units is something I appreciated greatly, especially on heavy-gravity worlds where I first found out I can break a leg by falling.

6 – Bounty Hunter

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Bounty Hunter is a decent combat spacesuit, providing excellent stats that will be useful in any combat situation. Its mass of more than 20 units isn’t too much of an issue on low-gravity worlds, and I found it worth it for an extra layer of protection. It’s an excellent choice for boarding enemy ships and close-quarters combat.

5 – Mercury

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The Mercury space suit is a real throwback to the last century’s sci-fi fashion zeitgeist, combining the bulbous-looking helmet with a tinfoil suit texture. It evoked beautiful childhood memories as I enjoyed wrapping myself in sheets of tinfoil, much to my mother’s ire.

4 – Mark I

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Mark I is one of the best spacesuits that you can get in Starfield. Even better, you can obtain it early in the game if your lockpicking skill is up to the task by cracking the display case in the cellar of The Lodge.

3 – Mantis

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As an avid fan of Star Wars movies, I found Mantis’s design style akin to certain suits derived from the franchise. Despite going well with any stormtrooper role-play, it offers decent stats, especially in the airborne contaminants department.

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2 – Monster costume

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This is more of an honorable mention than a sincere recommendation. The space monster costume can take out many foes by its terrifying looks rather than protect you from enemy fire. Despite looking like an overgrown mutated space spud, this costume won’t help your chances of courting Sarah. 

1 – Starborn Avitus

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The Starborn spacesuit Avitus is the most powerful suit you can get in Starfield. It’s rare that you can only get it as a New Game + content. There are multiple variants of this spacesuit, which vary in stats slightly. Regardles, I’m sure you will find everyone performing exceptionally in all tasks you may face.

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