MOONTON current Diggie as dependable help for courageous gamers preferring to face by because the entrance line on the battlefield. Even although Diggie appears so powerless, Diggie will grow to be annoying help on your enemies, particularly with Crowd Control heroes as Diggie possess a particular capacity to negate all sort of crowd management abilities and assist its teammate to win the battle. In this Mobile Legends information, we’ll check out one of the best emblem, spell, and builds, together with suggestions and methods to dominate each game with Diggie.

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Skill Analysis

Diggie has three energetic abilities and a passive talent like most different heroes in-game. In this Mobile Legends information, we will even discuss concerning the abilities to make use of in sure situations in addition to talent combos to have the ability to play Diggie to his most potential.

Passive – Young Again

After being eradicated, Diggie is not going to return to base. Instead, it should flip into an egg, and apart of launch its talent, Diggie nonetheless can roam across the map to find hidden enemies or disturb them with its presence till the cooldown to again once more.

Skill 1 – Auto Alarm Bomb

CD – 8.0/7.4/6.8/6.2/5.6/5.0
Mana – 70/80/90/100/110/120

skill 1 diggie

Diggie will launch an alarm bomb into the designated space. The bomb will keep in place till close by enemies method and the bomb will chase them a number of distances earlier than blowing itself. Diggie can launch the bomb 3 times and if it explodes on the identical time, it should deal large harm to enemies or minions.

Skill 2 – Reverse Time

CD – 15.0/14.0/13.0/12.0/11.0/10.0
Mana – 90

diggie skill 2

Diggie will solid time zone into designated enemies. Once the zone hit them, the designated enemies will pull again into the time zone and stop them from escaping. This may be very helpful in opposition to heroes with excessive agility.

Ultimate Skill – Time Journey

CD – 60
Mana – 130/150/170

diggie ultimate skill

Diggie will solid an enormous clock that may give velocity and defend to close by teammates. Moreover, for 3 seconds, each harm from enemy assaults, crowd management, and final abilities will likely be canceled.

Skill-up technique for Diggie

Diggie’s alarm bomb will likely be crucial in the course of the battle. Therefore, specializing in upgrading his first talent will likely be your precedence to be able to cut back its cooldown because the bomb will grow to be your eye within the bush, and it is usually helpful to execute low HP enemies.

Best Emblem set and Spells for Diggie in Mobile Legends

Apparently, Diggie is versatile help as you possibly can put it to use as a midlaner, but in addition as a roamer. Therefore, we will provide you with one of the best emblem for Diggie as a midlaner, and additionally as Roamer.

Custom Mage Emblem

Diggie with Magic Worship will likely be deadly as its alarm bomb will deal large steady harm after hitting the enemies. Therefore, Take the mastery and disaster as its expertise to be able to cut back Diggie’s cooldown and improve its harm.

custom mage emblem diggie Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Custom Mage Emblem for Diggie

Custom Support Emblem

Diggie with Pull your self Together as its expertise may be very appropriate for you who wish to use Diggie as a roamer. Because it should cut back the cooldown of its abilities and its cooldown earlier than it comes again to the battlefield after being eradicated.

custom support emblem diggie Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Custom Support Emblem for Diggie

Custom Tank Emblem

You also can use Tank Emblem for Diggie as it should improve its most HP and improve its protection stats. Therefore, Concussive Blast will likely be appropriate as its passive talent will solid magic harm to enemies, so you continue to have sufficient harm to execute enemies with buff protection on the identical time.

custom tank emblem diggie Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Custom Tank Emblem for Diggie

Battle Spells

Flameshoot and Flicker are one of the best spells for Diggie as Flameshoot will grow to be Diggie’s further harm talent particularly to execute escaping enemies or to push away the enemies out of your low HP teammate. On the opposite hand, Flicker is appropriate since Diggie lacks velocity and flicker will assist it to flee from hazard.

Best Builds for Diggie in Mobile Legends

One can strive many builds on Diggie. All one must do is to simply observe the enemy’s decide and then resolve the position on the battlefield. We have set out the 2 following template builds in our information to check out with Diggie on the Mobile Legends battlefield.

Roamer Build

  • Tough Boots: Though boots are crucial to purchase if the opponent has many heroes with magical harm output. These sneakers will cut back the quantity of harm issued by the hero with primary magical harm. The capacity of this may additionally cut back the length of the gang management impact given by the opponent.
  • Dominance Ice: Dominance ice is a flexible merchandise that should be utilized by Roamer. Basically, this merchandise is usually used to keep at bay heroes who’ve regen, take up, or therapeutic results. By utilizing this merchandise, all of the above results will likely be lowered by 50% and get a buff to cut back the opponent’s assault velocity by 30%.
  • Radiant Armor: Radiant armor will give well being regeneration and magic protection to be able to counter enemies with poke magic harm output.
roamer build diggie Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Roamer Build for Diggie
  • Immortality: Immortality could make you reside once more from loss of life. When you die, you’ll be resurrected in 2.5 seconds and achieve 16% HP and a defend that may take up as much as 1200 harm.
  • Guardian Helmet: Guardian helmet has a singular capacity, which is a steady restoration impact with out a cooldown. If you don’t get hit inside 5 seconds, you’ll obtain a 3% HP Regen impact each second.
  • Antique Cuirass: The distinctive passive of Antique Cuirass is decreasing bodily & magic assaults by 6%. This impact could be stacked as much as 3 occasions and the impact lasts for two seconds. That means it should cut back the enemy’s protection by 18% and the impact solely lasts for two seconds after the opponent stops attacking. That means so long as the opponent continues to assault, the passive of this merchandise will proceed to work.

Midlaner Build

  • Demon Shoes: Demon Shoes is appropriate for midlaner because it has large mana regeneration.
  • Clock Of Destiny: Clock of Destiny will add extra HP, mana, and magic harm. It could be stacked till 15, and it should improve the magic attributes.
  • Lightning Truncheon: Lightning Truncheon will cut back the talent’s cooldown, and give large magic harm within the early game.
midlaner build diggie Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Midlaner Build for Diggie
  • Fleeting Time: Fleeting time will cut back the cooldown talent by 15% after eliminating or offering help in the course of the battle, so you possibly can spam Diggie’s talent, particularly its time journey very quickly.
  • Holy Crystal: Holy Crystal will add 15% magic energy, it should make Diggie’s alarm bomb deadly harm and improve its probability to kill one enemy in three consecutive alarm bombs.
  • Divine Glave: Divine Glave will assist Diggie to penetrate enemies who’ve resistance to Magic harm.

Mobile Legends Diggie Gameplay Tips

Diggie is definitely a preferred hero, particularly within the earlier seasons because of the emergence of Diggie feeder META. Even after that, Diggie nonetheless has its reputation as help or generally as a roamer. However, a participant should want a good understanding of the map to convey one of the best out of any hero. According to his gameplay, we will break it down into three phases. Our Mobile Legends Diggie information contains the proper game plan for the early, mid, and late game.

Early Game

In the early game, unlock its first talent instantly and begin spamming its auto alarm bomb within the bush, or to minions. Keep farming till you attain degree 4 so you should use Diggie’s talent combos. Once you unlock your final, begin roaming to both Exp or gold lane accordingly to assist them. However, regulate your core, or your teammate that is likely to be a goal for enemies.

diggie gameplay early game mlbb Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Diggie in Mobile Legends

Always be aggressive with Diggie in the course of the early game. You must make the most of Diggie’s passive in the course of the early game by disturb’s the enemy’s core farming sample or poking their midlaner and roamer with out being afraid to die within the early game because the cooldown will likely be quick and you possibly can nonetheless disturb the enemies with Diggie’s egg presence.

Mid Game

In the Mid game, it’s important to preserve spamming the auto alarm bombs, however this time you possibly can put them within the close by enemy bush to be able to give a shock assault, or you possibly can strive your luck to steal an enemy buff or jungle. Spam Diggie’s Auto Alarm Bomb wherever you need. Do not look ahead to its auto alarm bomb cooldown to its third bomb. Spam the bomb instantly particularly to the bush to be able to detect the presence of Hiding enemies or to disturb recalling enemies.

Late Game

In the late game, you simply have to remain by your midlaner aspect, or standby in a protected place till the battle, in case your teammate will want your time journey to negate enemies’ crowd management, and additionally your reverse time to catch escaping enemies.

Also, bear in mind to solely use the Time Journey within the ample time. Use reverse Time to catch escaping enemies. This is essential particularly to catch enemies core or escaping enemies. With reverse time, they are going to pull again into the time zone and your teammate will observe up simply with their abilities.

diggie late game gameplay mlbb Mobile Legends Diggie Guide
Diggie on the MLBB battlefield

Only use Time Journey insufficient time. Diggie’s final is your teammate’s diamond in the course of the battle. Time Journey will negate enemies’ crowd management, and enemies assault, and present your teammate defend as nicely to be able to help them additional to win the battle.

Heroes that counter Diggie Heroes Diggie can counter
Franco Kagura
Eudora Lancelot
Saber Helcurt
Chou Natalia
Aurora Hayabusa

Final Thoughts

Diggie nonetheless proves itself as a preferred hero even after Diggie Feeder Meta as a result of its flexibility and its deadly abilities as help or roamer. However, remember the fact that Diggie’s HP will not be as a lot as pure Tank even after you construct a full protection merchandise. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to think about your timing in standing in entrance of a entrance liner and take up the entire enemies’ harm with time journey.

And additional when it’s important to sacrifice your self to be able to grow to be an egg and begin disturbing enemies with its egg presence. These suggestions will certainly assist you to to information straightforward wins with Diggie in Mobile Legends. You also can discuss with our newest tier checklist to know extra concerning the revamped meta heroes on this present season.

That’s all for in the present day’s Mobile Legends Diggie Guide. Do you like to make use of Diggie in every other means? Let us know within the remark part beneath!

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